Support qualified and transparent financial advisory services with effect from November 1, 2012 the publity AG joined the Association of independent financial services companies in Europe e. V. (vote) as a supporting member. As advocacy of pan-European financial services companies, vote was established on 15 March 1995 in Hamburg. In addition to the leaders of the independent all financial companies and other reputable distributors relevant product donor companies for independent insurance and investment advice the AXA Konzern AG, the Dr. Klein & co.

AG, the generali Versicherung AG, MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG, and the Nurnberger Lebensversicherung AG. vote members include, so for example the Allianz Global Investors Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH, The Member companies vote represent more than 80,000 financial service providers. You have an economic significance should not be underestimated, especially in times, where traditional banks its economic tasks no longer 100 percent can meet. As a supporting Member, we want to best support vote in its objective, to improve the transparency and the quality of financial advice, because this is our own goal,”explains Thomas Olek, CEO of publity AG. As master servicer in the German market of non-performing loans (NPLs) and issuer of NPL performance fund the publity AG day partner companies from financial consulting cooperates with. Many of the more than 800 distributors of publity AG are already members to vote and advice at a high level. It was only logical to join international bankers Forum in addition to our commitment and others at the Bank Association, the Federal Association for credit purchases and servicing (BKS) and which also vote.

“Because we are convinced: achievement and success come from long-term commitment and high quality awareness,” as Thomas Olek continue. VOTE advocates the creation of uniform training standards and the clear definition of the profession of financial institutions. In the way a voluntary commitment the vote members have imposed on other standards. Click Goop London, United Kingdom-uk for additional related pages.

What Is The Currency Has Money?


I’m the blog about currencies and foreign exchange specialist currencies and I talk every day about it. Add to your understanding with Forefront Books. My clients will leave their fortunes not 100% in the euro area. The reasons must not be carried out. So that no misunderstandings arise. I’m not a euro fatalist. Maybe there will still be the euro in 100 years, maybe also inflation remains 100 years at 2% (100,000 then still only 13.803,30 purchasing power would be made) because I don’t know and you don’t know it also recommend I, his home-bias”to overcome at least partially. Look outside the box. To use I’ve decided also, the issue of currencies”regularly about this blog.

There is much to say, much of what has changed and is still changing. Whoever wants to can participate, free of charge, and at the end come to thinking about his assets, which are not a regular part of a Bank consultation. And wear like on this page you up, if you want to be or comment, if you want to contribute something. Where to start? Before it comes to the practice, I want to get out a little further. Namely to the base and the question of what money is actually: the income? the assets? What is on the bench or that I carry around with me in the wallet? Money”is none other than the term for the medium of Exchange, we therefore use the simplicity so we not a cow to buy a car or several cars for the purchase of a house ready to keep. In addition to the uncertainty of whether the car seller have our cow at all like in Exchange for the ride. So, you buy goods with cash. It does not matter whether we talk about cash or point of view money at the Bank.

The Chinese have a nice distinction for their money: there are two names, Renminbi Yuan. While the former referred to the currency itself, the Yuan is just the term for a unit of currency. Sloppy say you own renminbi, but pay with Yuan (abbreviated to CYN). The income”is, however, what you earn through hard work or co-opt through skillful investments as interest, dividends, rents or pensions. Assets”in turn is something other than the saving”: The (net) assets is the size of a stock (gross assets minus liabilities), the savings economically speaking – a current size (“the portion of income that remains after deduction of taxes and spending and capital formation”) contributes. What the whole thing? You can see why the meticulous distinction is necessary, on the fact that you can have so little money, but still a large fortune. I know from my consulting life by people with high incomes, but only a small to no assets. “And if you focused on currencies” deal, then it will be at this point in the future very important to protect your assets, because our money is nothing as a printed paper (or numbers in a virtual world). You Christian vultures

Anlegevolumen Account


The “all inclusive” deposit account: no Depot and order fees, reimbursement of all open and hidden bank commissions and an honorary advisors personal contact. Heath (holst). Millions of private investors have a deposit account for their securities at German banks. What it is in the course of the fiscal year on Depot and order fees, known to most investors. But few are likely to know how much are the annual commissions who conceded their bank of different system providers for the provision of securities.

Transparency is different”, criticized Robert Marc Mennenoh, Managing Director of Honoratis property Office on Heath, this practice of banks. Many investors is not clear that these sums taken from, for example, every year out of its mutual funds, reducing the yield”Mennenoh, even banker and specialist for financial advice, considers this practice unfair. He fights as a member in the Composite of German honorary consultant”for more transparency in the financial advisory services. “Completely omitted should his opinion on commissions: you are not a basis for a customer-oriented consultation.” “On the contrary: who gets commissions, always also works in their own right.” In addition to his demand to concrete agreements in the financial advisory services Mennenoh advocates the refund of incurred acquisition and stock commissions to the fullest extent. Looking for a bank that meets these requirements, the Honoratis property Office has now found a strong partner with the Augsburger Aktienbank AG. The all inclusive “-deposit account, which can be set over us at the Swabian bench, relies on absolute transparency”, Robert-Marc Mennenoh promises: the depot owner pays no Depot and order fees, excluding third-party charges and foreign currency transactions, and he all acquisition and stock commissions of the Bank Gets unabated refunded. This brings one depending on the securities annual savings of more than 7 percent.” Novelty of the all inclusive “deposit account: Honoratis is the depot owners in addition to a monthly all in” fee of only 0.07% (excl.

VAT and calculated on the Anlegevolumen from 25.000,-EUR) at any time with the technical support of its securities by telephone to the page. In addition, more extensive discussions, analyses and planning and monitoring of individual asset strategies for depositors are simply and directly available on a fee basis. To sell dubious financial products, there is no unsolicited calls, with us”, as Robert Marc Mennenoh. We are consultants and no seller.” Learn more about the all-inclusive “deposit account as well as documents relating to the opening of the depot can be found under. Here, investors can query free of charge also your pro vision er equipment. Honoratis – the investment firm headquartered in Heide (Holstein) is advising nationally. The investment advice is here exclusively on Fee basis provided. Our clients are cared for by a personal honorary advisors can sustainably. We are convinced that dependence on commissions to advisers with independent advice are incompatible. Our clients specifically want a consultation at eye level. For the reason, we have consistently abolished all commissions: in the consultation and for the deposit account. Press contact: Robert-Marc Mennenoh CEO Honoratis asset Office UG (haftungsbeschrankt) long dam 47 25746 Heide phone 0481 / 120 8 50 50 fax 0481 / 855 3 90 15 email Internet