ROPO Effect

What is the role of the Internet for buying decisions by potential customers? Munich. September 26, 2012. Research buyers via the Internet before they draw a fund? “On this issue the Deutsche Bank in the framework has delivered now fortunately a clear answer their”ROPO study””, explains Alexander Khayat, Board the tapir AG. Google talks about 56 percent of Internet users on average there are 56 percent of Internet users who do online research before making a purchase. Interestingly, there are even more at financial products. In the two-year-old German Bank study is about 60 percent of Internet users. You make smart before a decision to buy on the Internet, compare products and get opinions.

A recent survey of emission House… …zeigt even, that 66 percent of all artist prior to the completion of the closed-end funds on the Internet have been researched. The Internet is underestimated especially when issuers, since they receive their drawing tickets mostly consultants, who have no own website or little visibility in the search engines have. ROPO says that! ROPO – research online purchase offline obviously searches in 66 per cent of all cases in the Internet opinions and facts about financial products, while only 10 percent in the Internet, the statements will be held. The typical customer looking for proximity to a consultant of his confidence remains, would like to assure themselves but also online, that the recommendation is good. To visit customers on average three websites and crawl up to 18 pages in.

Found the pages become more and more through Google search engines and especially Google with a 95 percent market share, used more and more often, to find quality comparisons and opinions about financial products. A customer comes here on positive opinions and articles, this strengthens the purchasing decision. Prominent placement on comparison sites inevitably leads to a higher completion rate for the financial product. Currently, the cards with the issuers are still not distributed! Actually are already working multiple issuers on a dominant Internet strategy, improve Usability of their sites, invest in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEA), as well as in display advertising and sophisticated quality strategies. The benefit is enormous, but absolute terms – as studies show -, this seems to be – at least, still an insider tip regarding the landscape of closed-end funds. Let’s see, how long… For more information,