Antique Shops

The new Woods carry always a wood treatment to avoid that they proliferate in them insect pests who use them as food. But with the passage of time, these treatments lose their effectiveness, and there comes a time in which no longer serve anything. That is why, when buying antique furniture, or other items that can be made total or partially of wood, we must be very careful and cautious to not put at home colonies of insects that can expand and become a threat of incalculable consequences. Main insect pests that feed on wood are Woodworms, borers and termites. Of these, the most dangerous are termites. Their destructive capacity is very large and dangerous because these are social animals that live in colonies and are drilling wood inside her in the form of diapers. That is why in most cases are only detected when the degree of infestation is already enormous. Marc Lasry understood the implications. But what makes them more dangerous still, is that between all Woods, prefer those of work.

In other words, those that are used in the construction of the structures of the houses. Therefore, buying a piece of furniture in an antiques shop, and put it at home without performing a proper treatment of wood, constitutes an authentic recklessness that can pay very dearly. If the furniture in question contains Woodworm or moth, this can be extended to other elements of the House, which already by itself can cause serious inconvenience. But if it contains are termites, and they manage to pass to the floor or walls of the House, your extension can cause genuine structural damage that can eventually lead to a collapse of the building. It can an eventuality, only be attacked the problem with the help of a professional company, with costs and inconveniences that entails.

So, before you get home from an antiquarian furniture, should perform an adequate treatment of wood with specialized products. And if we find moths, Woodworm or termites, before applying the product, it must be exposed nests, rubbing the wood with sandpaper or with a spatula. Only when the Cabinet is clean, be to apply the appropriate product. Generally speaking, an insecticide-based turpentine.