What Bartimeu wanted was to see and it saw. you what it wants? Clame the Mr. 2 – This blind person knew to win a possible complex, I I do not know if it had, but if he had was successful. It does not call for Jesus de Nazar. It calls Jesus, Son of Davi – It did not limit you its terrena condition, it called Jesus as if he calls the nobleman, a king, it gave to the Jesus the honor deserved to a king of the House of Israel, but for knowing who age Jesus. If Jesus cured, lode of God and if lode of God, is waited king, the longed for Messias: The Son of Davi.

It entered with ousadia in the throne of the Favour. All the times that we pray, a voice always go to say that you do not have cacife to enter the presence of God. But you have yes, you have not accepted that nor vocs malignant, spirituals or not, nor that adverse situations to its hinder you will to recognize in the presence of who you are and continue to clamar. He does not stop of clamar: You are in the room of the Throne, this ahead of the throne of who you can decide all its situation. It does not give heard the nothing and clame You go to clamar and to say you go you that you are blind prepotent – but does not stop. They had said the Bartimeu the same stamps, me it did not leave of clamar. For the opposite, the more they tried dissuadiz it of its idea, but it cried out.