Brown Wood

Decoration in homes rusticasMaravillosa country house is a perfect example of rustic style. Combines a privileged rural architecture (wood and stone are fundamental in its structure) with an interior design traditional, thus creating comfortable and welcoming environments. You have thousand details that will give you ideas if you want to decorate some space with rustic style. Let’s take a look! Create a path with natural stones for its flat side is a resource very used in the gardens of rustic houses and looks really good. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful it is useful; totally recommended. As in the case of this picture, you can opt to make in a semicircle, planting in the Middle a small tree or some plants. A stone of rio grande in that space will also function as a perfect decorative element.

This spacious kitchen is great, especially for its high ceilings. And it is that the interior of the House is beautiful by its structure. The wooden beams on the ceiling, and some walls, exposed and give the rustic appearance that the House It has inside. Furniture continue that work. All wood and with classic cut and leather-lined sidewalks Brown the only thing that reminds me that we live in a modern world is the hob, which is not camouflaged between as much wood. So much wood, however, is perhaps, at least for my taste, somewhat repetitive. But if there is something that I like is that mingle at least two different shades of this material; some elements such as beams, sidewalks, some pictures are darker than furniture or the ground, for example, thus creating a movement in the room needed to avoid monotony. Fourth, the guests, introduces Garnet color in your bedspread and their cushions, something that is appreciated after so much Brown.

Classic style lamps reinforce the traditional atmosphere of the House and in particular this room, along with the head of the bed. The couch in the corner, in an orange tone off, is great, not only for your convenience but also by the style that gives the space. Keep it in mind for your bedroom rustic! The two previous stays are decorated in beige, thus providing clarity to the rooms and greater vitality than Brown. In any case, something that is very well done in this House is that the walls are all white, since with rustic dark colored furniture and an interior where the stone and wood are everywhere, paint the walls in any color that is not white would be a mistake. Dark Renaissance style sofas are precious, but hard to get. If you have antique furniture not ever throw away them! I assure you that a great option will be to upholster them again, if what you want is to furnish with traditional style or vintage, clear (if you want a modernist interior has no sense!). More striking color cushions are those small color details that complete the space, divert our view, avoiding monotony and create room decoration