Cape Verde Property

In the Atlantic Ocean, 1,000 kilometers south of the Canary Islands, an archipelago of volcanic origin located Cabo Verde, officially belonging to the African continent. The property market in Cape Verde was Among the most attractive in terms of investment due to several factors, including a stable economy with positive dynamics of growth, tourism development, excellent infrastructure and impressive in any relations perspective. Cape Verde consists of ten major and eight smaller islands. A distinctive feature of these plots of land in the pronounced individuality of each. All ten major islands of Cape Verde have special features that allow them to stand out above the rest and attract the attention of both tourists and foreign investors. Last prefer to invest in property in Cape Verde also because that the state government to extend all possible assistance in this. Plots of land on the islands are inexpensive, and construction with the involvement of local services and workers can save significant amounts. Technology construction of houses in Cape Verde, reliable and simple, that is the determining factor in questions of its cost and prices of finished housing.

Everyone who decides to invest in property in Cape Verde, one way or another is guaranteed profit, which appreciated by developers from around the world. Currently, the most promising areas of Cape Verde is an active construction, financed from abroad – European countries, America and Asia … However, investors from Russia have also turned their attention to the archipelago of Cape Verde, although more recently the acquisition of real estate or investing in the construction of houses in Africa might seem ill-considered from a financial point of view act. Cape Verde was an exception to the rule – except for a seductive, popular and promising in terms of investment. But as Cape Verde and attracts those who seek the maximum away from the noisy and dusty cities of the mainland, settling in the tropical paradise of the corner. Clean air, beautiful beaches, mild climate and year-round sunshine are motivated to buy property in Cape Verde is not only entrepreneurs who are interested in profitable investment of finance, but 'simple smertnyh'i their families. The only place where there are frequent rains, the northern part of the island of San Antal, distinguishing by humid climate with lush vegetation and an abundance of internal reservoirs, rivers and streams, so this part of the archipelago, or prefer to settle near those who prefer the refreshing moisture than dry heat. The climate of Cape Verde and dictate their own rules of construction property, taking into account the need to install the tanks with water or the possibility of running water.