Carlos Tapia Wildcard

The revisionism when it reaches its maximum power of influence in the oppressed masses, passes into reformism conciliator with the big bourgeoisie and holder of the system. It’s what happened with Carlos Tapia, which its mere presence in the Cabinet of advisors of the humalismo makes that animosity among the masses; acarre for the as whole revisionist hardened to achieve statehood without exploited or exploited is reached through successive changes gradual and peaceful and within the bourgeois, accommodating to their requirements and structure system. But beware, in a revisionist must be very careful, since it is not serving the masses, if not quite the contrary, this service of their personal appetites, his self-centeredness, that is centrist ego and on the road threatening their interests, if this with the masses; You betray them, but if it is with the bourgeois system, you arrellanara to merit more favors and will be shiisa of his former friends on the way. In this we not only have clear examples, one is the same Carlos Tapia, on the other, and by the same route is rounds of Idrogo peasant.

The revisionist serves as a model for the great bourgeoisie. The model serves to address the masses and relate to their interests and say the masses: is a great Democrat, a great humanist, as well you should be. And so by the style put us as a model, this is to not exercise our rights to claim. But if we instead, all the bourgeois system come to try to crush for not lifting head ever. Will also put as an example to Yehude Simons Munaro, which be address of an armed organization system, neglecting your same organization and its beliefs and philosophy to be part of the bourgeois exploitation scheme and have no hesitation in sending in murdering jointly with a fascist as Mercedes Cabanillas Bustamante brothers Awajun and Wampis.