Company’s Financial Condition

To assess the effects of the influence of the totality of factors and serves as a comprehensive assessment financial condition of the company. " That is, in principle, an outline of the transition in the first part of the introduction of global, to more specific topics. The second part of the standard usually begins with the phrase: "The purpose of writing the final qualifying work is a comprehensive evaluation of the financial condition of the company. In particular, we shall investigate the causes of the current situation of the company and the implications of continuing current trends. " At the end of necessarily need to insert the following phrase: "I am confident that implementation of this work will improve my knowledge in the study area and would be useful in further work." First Chapter qualifying work is a theoretical part.

It usually contains a theoretical material on the issue under study, or review of the literature. Presentation of theoretical material is reduced to the transfer of information from textbooks. However, keep in mind the material to be edited. In the academic literature too many arguments, repetitions, and various examples. Often books of different authors like two drops of water content similar to each other. Leave only the most necessary: the definition, description of functions, different divisions. Definitions and descriptions should be as brief as possible, convey the essence of the phenomenon. All add ruthlessly removed. Never Do not use in the examples cited in the academic literature. They do not apply to your work.