Coping with Chores

Happened to you is that by the end of the day you feel tired, and it happens often? It happens that the work you dream at night and this morning you do not feel rested? Have you feel annoyed when you was given the job slave, and then found out that it was not done, and the time wasted? Do you feel like a squirrel in a cage? The pleasure that you once got from his work, somewhere to go? Why with us so happening? Every day you make any actions in carrying out their work. You start it, execute and complete. This principle lies at the heart of any activity of any work. If a person does not carry through to its logical completion of any action, leaving it for later debugging, part of his attention, figuratively speaking, riveted to this action. While he did not finish. Often people do not even realize that he does not use all their account for the current work, only part of it. A lion's share of his attention focused on a set of actions that he did not complete and that does not even remember at the moment. For this reason, people get into accidents, get injury, tired by the end of the day, under stress and willing to finally go somewhere on vacation. Uncompleted action could be anything. Not harvested on the shelf after reading the book, not thrown in the wastebasket note which has already fulfilled its informational function, the letter left unanswered in the e-mail.