Distance Learning Advantages

Disadvantages. Price compared to rates will be higher. You need to carefully choose a tutor language as on his shoulders falls no small work: preparing for classes, follow the program, the organization of repetition of material and more. Not all deal with it. Therefore, when choosing a tutor carefully review his resume. The more experience and higher education institution (eg University), the better. Tutoring Online It's all the same as the ordinary coaches. Just do not need to go anywhere, you only need to have: a computer, Internet, microphone, and webcam (for the possibility of visual inspection and mimic the pronunciation of compositions during the development of new words). In the absence of a computer is often used telephone. Online tutoring is the most effective and quickest way to for learning a foreign language. Details can be found nadomy.com Distance Learning Advantages. In the absence of opportunities to hire tutors or go on courses, come to the aid of distance learning course. For Responsible approach to the management of notes and tapes, you can master a certain set of words and phrases. Disadvantages. According to teachers, the language in the first place, it's live communication, should be a dialogue with a living person. During a conversation "with the cassette" count on a lot not to, and when meeting with a foreigner "stupor" is guaranteed. Read and write Benefits. If you prefer, you can find a buddy out of the country whose language you are learning. You can install on your computer program, which is above all the "windows" throws out foreign words with translation. Or just hang on the walls of the leaves with the words, come on, they always look their value from memory. You can read the dictionary as a book or watch a foreign film without translation. All this is better than nothing. This method can be used as a complement to all of the above. Disadvantages. Irregularity, accident, besprogramnost – those reasons you do not will lead to an effective mastery of the language and do not forget It is important to not only learn a certain amount of linguistic material, but do not forget it. If a man for 7 hours would not repeat the content of the lecture, he will forget 70% of the material. And what will be after 2-3 years? And no wonder they say "repeat – the mother of learning". Foreign language must be constantly maintained. Read foreign books, listen carefully to the texts of foreign songs, to correspond and communicate with foreigners. Only then your money will okupleny.