Find defects, although not significant, but still try to defend their price until the end. Be sure to print out the price list of competitors from the interior and lower price on this machine, as well as its complete set, so can be a substitution or addition terrible, some discrepancy. And once again traded. Thus it is possible to mow up to 5% of the price. Please note that the price has been accounted for tax, and then when all documents have been issued, all signed and then turns must pay the tax, but this is a considerable amount. After such scams usually do not return the money back that is similar to the offense, but fact is fact. Some visitors from neighboring countries now and then so making fun of honest, working man.

I will not give specific examples, refer to the appropriate stores, it's you yourself know everything and no one is not a secret. In short, buying a car need to prepare for one hundred and have a way to retreat. Do not rely on fate, the law of infamy still has not been canceled. Another thing I would like to say so is that the terms of parlors determine who you will probably get a car and inquire reviews mere mortals who were their clients, or could be. At his practice rare positive reviews, mostly negative and critical comments. Deception, fraud and deception again. Have never seen the Internet lounge, which has been only positive feedback from visitors, no matter how it's sad. Do not be discouraged, but good places to eat, they can not be so pretty to look for.

Finally can not tell you not to give one more advice, even two. If you do not have a car mechanic friend or acquaintance in a service station, have a look around the salon service station for inspection car, because it looks machine can be very attractive and at this very often rolls. And why car service, it is because it is not always equipped showrooms flyovers, and look under the skirt simply indispensable. The average price of such a review from 1500 rub. But it's worth it. But it is certainly mainly concerns the used-shechek and still can not hurt. And this we shall speak in future articles. Hire a lawyer, you will find that you have to make a large number of legal operations, the accuracy and rule of law, you just have to be confident in this help you – a lawyer, unless of course you is not. Pile of papers and fine print that read per day is simply not possible if you are not a child prodigy. This kind of regular possible scam, get out of that you should help a lawyer. Usually somewhere at the end of the document, the fine for small print and that is imperceptible , which leads to your financial ruin and collapse.