Eduardo Blanco

It teaches people that detaches from its suerficial quackery and mental obsessions. Teaching people to pay attention to all the body’s reactions to a given situation. When members of a group have time to reflect, can do with mayorclaridad the essence of simismos and of the others. You will success if you measure success in terms of praise and criticism, your asiedad not know limits. Having a good reputation or get to be known for your work can be an obstacle for your further development.

Fame you will weigh as much as the sensible affection that you feel for you same. What s the problem of praise and criticism? If the Group applauds something you’ve done, you feel so good, you preocuparas you if not applaud you with equal enthusiasm the next time. If the group becomes critical, if discussed or complains, you sentirasherido.One way or another, you are anxious and dependent. As a good reputation can be an obstacle?A good reputation arises naturally from doing a job well. But if you apegas to your reputation, if you try to preserve it, you lose freedom and honesty necessary for your further development. That relationship there is between fame and good love love yourself? To do a job well, well you must love you. You must appreciate you and let other tambienlo do. But if you exaggerate, you haraas egocentrico.

The egocentricidad hurts the ego and the work. If you can live with the fruits the success and well love yourself, you will be able to encourage the success of others. Know what happens. When you don’t know what happens in a group, not keys more your view. Relax and watch gently with your inner eye. When you don’t understand that a person says, do not follow every one of his words will.Makes your efforts. Silence you inwardly and listen with your be more profound. When you amaze you something that you watch or listen to, not fight for understanding. Fold a moment in timismo and calm down. When a person is calm, the complex becomes simple. Know what happens, not to push, open and be attentive. Look no riveting sight. Listen withmore stillness that acuity. Use intuition and reflection rather than decoding. While you more free you of your effort, and more open and receptive you are, you will know what is happening with juice. In addition, stay in the present. The present is more accessible than the memories of the past and the fantasies of the future.Therefore, please your attention on what happens here and now. Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the article