Evasion Community

3.1 The autonomy of the pupil and its interaction in the school the world where we live is reconstructed and rethink for the man constantly. In a transformation process that demonstrates to its dynamic nature and its way to exist with autonomy, as competent person and that it chooses its proper way. The school has argued its autonomy throughout the years and call to take part in this debate all to the pertaining to school community, formed not only of educational professors, directors and technician, but counting on the direct participation of the pupils, the parents and the local community. Currently, in the schools a period of social interaction is lived aiming at to reach made use in the law n 9,394/96, art.12 and interpolated proposition VI: Art.12. The educational establishments, respected the common norms and of its system of education, will have the incumbency of: VI to articulate with the families and the community, being created processes of integration of the society with the school. When we develop the autonomy of the pupil in the school, unchain a spontaneous process of organization and self-control, therefore it commits itself to the action to be worked, changing its positioning and practising its right of choice. The pupil will become capable in accordance with to argue, to think or to act its proper decisions. It is point of great importance, the development of works in the dependences of the school, so that he has the participation of the pupils in decisions, so that they learn to make an analysis of the situations and so that they try the satisfaction to put in practical its ideas. Professor is necessary to have interaction between pupil/and the conscience of that always it has something new to be assimilated, therefore, must be always made use to learning to learn. Of this form, the pupil always will be motivated to be in the school and the evasion risk diminishes.