First Division

For many years the Argentine football have a phenomenon of violence. To date there are several dozens of people. It was the only clear case in the world. In English football also went through a similar situation that was eradicated grieving the appellants. But in the ongoing Argentine football. Goes through stages of conflict down and then everything returns to sprout.

Currently, all weekend there at some stage pitched battles or out of it. Some are in the First Division and even the less important categories. In the so-called big clubs who meet only some hundred spectators. Beaten, stoned and shot bullet to characterize these regrettable incidents. So-called “hooligans” have already resulted in several suspensions of dates in recent years. And once the game was stopped for about two months.

I remember when I explored the English football hooliganism mentioned social causes as a central aspect of the problem. In the seventies, when they started the “hooligans” to do his thing in that country, England was a time where unemployment is a strong beat some sectors, and these young unemployed were the cannon fodder of this phenomenon as regrettable. Analyses were carried out serious sociological problem, formed committees and to the Parliament of that country took up the matter. The problem was solved. Argentina is no exception. The causes are also social. The football hooligans exceed it. The transfer of the remains of Peron led a pitched battle between thugs a few days ago of several unions. And the elements are the same. Outcast characters, serving the highest bidder, which has no ideology or footballing sense, are those who are involved. And many times are the same elements as gangs involved in both the trade unions, political parties such as football clubs. They serve political leaders and pointers. Football leaders. Police turn a blind eye to or participate in some activities and professional charges for “security guarantee” that never comes. From “leaders” who use union on their behalf. And they, the hooligans, who are “brave” only in gangs, in turn earn privileges such as free land for the crime, then re-sell tickets, put on the municipalities or facilities for selling drugs. It is so much madness in this regard that there are even clubs that have domestic sectors that are fighting each other all parties. Clearly there is interest in solving this problem. Neither the State, or political leaders or parliamentarians, or sports leaders, or the police. The reason is simple. Everyone benefits from it. Tear their hair every now and then but everything remains the same and everybody knows who is who in this game perverse and macabre. With an aggravating factor, unconscious or conscious there are many viewers who do not look askance at so many hooligans themselves of their clubs. It is a real problem. And if not solved at the root, will never be solved.