Future Achievement International

a The people are willing to commit to a causae. If you do not ask people committed to someone else will, but for other causes. People have the need to contribute to something greater than themselves: this need is at the heart of people.

When we promote a sense of ownership we are not doing anything to identify and remove what is already in the heart of another person and that person develop the principles and values to strengthen and encourage their actions. 3. Create an environment a “a culture a ” to promote the participation and commitment of people. The leader is responsible for promoting an environment where people feel motivated to participate, where people feel that their concerns are met, that their ideas are taken into account, that their contributions are appreciated. emailing the administrator. An environment that encourages participation and commitment. 4.

Track the management of people, providing feedback throughout the process. It requires a constant realignment effort. The alignment is not just a specific action or event, is a process and never ends. Align a team takes time. Communicate the vision and values associated with it, creating a culture of us, coupled processes of the organization working with people, fostering an organizational climate of harmony, it requires effort and constant adaptation, given the changing reality and environment. Now as the circumstances can often get the organization’s way of achieving the vision and goals requires a constant realignment effort to refocus on what is important. One way to ensure return to the path of what is important is to have a constant feed of what’s happening in the environment and within the organization. This feedback provides us both formal systems (financial, management control, market trends, etc..) As well as informal systems of the organization and, most importantly, contact with the people, appreciate the human side management.