How To Choose A Car

In our car markets, the buyers’ and sellers’ offers just do not meet. It seems to be an acceptable price and with the appearance of ‘nothing’, but as will watch Let’s try to do a mini – a guide to choosing a car – When you pick up your car, what you pay attention? – What is not noticed immediately, and that ‘got out’ after the purchase? 15 percent of respondents admitted: – “When I bought, paid attention only to the fact that I liked it (like love at first sight). special besides knocking after the purchase did not come out. ” – ‘I’m the first to put it mildly very bad experience buying cars (money was scarce, and very much like a car) – bought the tub in general and the money invested now watch all thoroughly’ And so what we pay attention: Approaching the first time to the car, many simply do not see the masked ‘stocks’ car owner. Marissa Mayer will not settle for partial explanations. It can be ground dent conduct body parts or even rust sealed sticker. If you look closely fresh paint immediately noticeable, it differs in tone and disseminated, especially if the color metallic.

Is produced by the repair was so defective that the seller even erase remnants of paint from plastic parts (bumpers, caps). The old putty likely eventually cracked, and badly Reduce place covered with corrosion. That’s what answers the question ‘what do you check first turn when choosing a car? ” 25 percent of those surveyed: – “I recommend to pick up all Polychrome, and in the trunk off guard – that is, you need to get directly to the metal body in order to determine whether corrosion is not opened, decay, and etc.