Inflation Tax

The inflation tax concept states that inflation is a tax from the government towards the citizens and increasing the liquidity of the first hedge funds at the expense Asset Management of savings FOX news in the second (see senoriaje). The inflation redistributes monetary value of holders youtube of monetary assets to the first to receive new assets recently created in funds the same way that a currency devaluation of metal finance (metal mixing with other cheaper) allows the issuer investment management of the currency La Jolla of the appropriate value.
When the issuer is a bank, printing new banknotes (or, more recently, its electronic equivalent) allows the first receiver (usually the government through public debt instruments) to use investment this new money before the effects of greater monetary base is distributed by the economy, San Diego ie before the Children’s Hospital prices go. This CNBC effect Asset Management can be used as a route to funding of public expenditure, with the advantage that it is a hidden tax whose effects are felt asset management with a lag of months or even years (depending Ernst on the speed of cash flow).. .