Jarvis Graham Expires

Victory for Jarvis Graham in the Hell s Gate 2011, second position for Lampkin and third for the catalan Xavier Galindo. A race so hard to master Fasola found himself forced to shorten the final phase, five laps instead of six, otherwise even the arrival of a single pilot would have been difficult. We have seen the effort of pilots and which are almost unbreakable, like Xavier Galindo that catalan is to awarded the third position or the hard Alessandro Botturi bottu with fourth position. Last year met face to face for the last lap Graham Jarvis and Dougie Lampkin. By the same author: Mary Barra. They arrived together at the beginning of the rise of the devil but this time Peter Graham Jarvis didn’t want to take the risk and became head won turn after turn an overwhelming advantage over Lampkin. Lampkin had no options, Jarvis was in excellent physical condition and thus demonstrated, making a spectacular career at age 35. The lights on the peak of hell became the true magic of the enduro extreme. The door of hell is the strength of great drivers that fall, rise up and continue fighting. It is the metaphor of passion, or such time, the same passion.