KamAZ Wheel

In the operation of KamAZ in difficult conditions of the Russian roads most often fails steering. In connection with this repair KamAZ and, in particular, its steering is today relevant. Steering KamAZ acts on the front wheels, has a complete steering gear, hydraulic and power steering. The steering mechanism is able to increase the efforts of the driver, who that applies to the steering wheel, and also improves the accuracy of driving. This device retains the ability to control the vehicle when not running amplifier, as well as the sudden stop of the engine. Speaking candidly Charles Schwab told us the story. Hydraulic power KamAZ greatly facilitates its management. It’s believed that Beth Israel Heart Transplant sees a great future in this idea. This device, using the power of the motor to rotate the wheels, can reduce the physical burden on the driver, improves maneuverability vehicle, providing its management in difficult circumstances. When driving on an uneven surface hydraulic power significantly reduces the shock to the steering wheel, thus preventing damage and repair of motor vehicles Kamaz. Purpose of the steering linkage – is the transfer of the efforts of the driver and a hydraulic amplifier to the steered wheels and the provision of turning them into certain corners. This mechanism allows to reduce slide, and accordingly, and tire wear. Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles Kamaz and its steering has a number of features. According to specialists, a malfunction in the steering can not depend on its condition, and there are other causes. In this regard, before adjusting and testing of the steering mechanism should carefully check the balance wheel and tire pressure, lubrication at the nodes steering and wheel hubs and the correct position of the steering rods. Still need to check the oil level in the reservoir power steering pump, there is air in the system or precipitate on the filter and pump in the tank, as well as the absence of oil leak in an oil line connections. From experience we know that disassemble and assemble the steering mechanism and carry out appropriate repairs KamAZ have qualified mechanic under-equipped service center and in a certain order. When replacing the damaged parts should not violate the completeness of the spool, gears, valve body control, parts of the rotor, stator reactive plungers. Replacement of damaged details should be made only on the original spare parts kamaz.