Local Traders

They are essentially local traders. The city presents aspect to be detached: Free fairs exist where it has many ambulant ones of next cities, also of Victory of the Conquest. Click john k castle for additional related pages. Currently, the city counts on a covered area destined exclusively to these ambulant ones. The main products commercialized in the city are generally sorts of first necessity, as foods, fabrics, gas of kitchen, objects of elementary and daily consumption, beyond materials of constructions. When if demand some product of more restricted or sophisticated use the same is almost always looked in the commerce of Victory of the Conquest. The services offered in the city are basically the social calls, as health and education and basic the private services that the population searchs in the proper urban perimeter of the city.

The service of transport in all the city sufficiently precarious, must the fact of the roads be tarred not making with that the bus companies are not interested in placing more vehicles the disposal. Of this form the transport is limited only to one buses that left per the morning for Victory of the Conquest and another one that returns to the afternoon of the same locality. The water service was implanted by the city hall (SAAE), where it is made treatment and canalized distribution of treated water, with the repassed costs the population. How much to the telephonic service, as given obtained in field, it was verified that the city possesss lack of telephones, mainly in the district and towns. It possesss the attendance of an operator of cellular (TIM). For the banking services, the inhabitants of Brook of the Plaza search the cities of Encruzilhada and Itamb, possessing currently a postal bank and a lottery house, both in the headquarters of the city. The city does not possess tourist potential of relevance, however, some elements could be explored while leisure and temporary tourism.