National Marine Park

Corfu is a rare blend of various European influences – voyazhiruya on it, you can visit the unspoiled bay, lagoon-reserve with wild animals and mountain villages. Here is the famous resort of Benitses Youth for hunters to active holidays in Greece. On the island of Skiathos (included in the group of islands with the name of the Northern Sporades) hosted the National Marine Park. The island of Lesbos in favor of the Aegean islands and syzdavna attracted to its mild climate and mineral springs. Rhodes is popular thanks situated therein, once the statue of Colossus – one of the seven wonders of the world, as well as three thousand other statues scattered around the island. It stores monuments of various epochs – from the ruins of 6 century BC to the Turkish baths and mosques. For even more opinions, read materials from Angela Zepeda. The largest island in Greece – Crete.

At this point is the gorge of Samaria, the most extended (14 km) and striking in Europe, as well as over 4500 caves. According to Tradition in a cave goddess Rhea gave birth to Zeus. His famous gorges, steep banks, extraordinary plateau, looked like a dried-up lakes, endless white sandy beaches – some confirmations terrible forces of nature, who created this place. And the island of Santorini is famous for its picturesque scenery, clear waters and excellent beaches, small villages with narrow streets, numerous churches and snow-white houses. The composition of Greece includes more than 2000 islands, from large (Crete, Euboea) to tiny (Patmos, Hrisi, Kastelorizo). They account for about 20% of Greek territory. Source: everest capital.

Holidays in Greece will be able to bring you a lot of positive emotions. People who have been in these places, always seek to come here again. Do not deny and you the pleasure to visit this wonderful country. On materials travel company Golden Mile. Holidays in Greece and Turkey