Sunshine State

In the Sunshine State. The company is aimed among other things at German-speaking Americans as Target group and offers complete services from architecture and planning of residential and commercial real estate to modernizations, renovations and demolition work. German Craftmanship has written is also Klaus Taubitz on the flag. He resides in Sanford (Florida) and offers repairs on antique furniture there and in the surrounding area. German bakers and butchers are also opportunities, if they decide for the right location. Made in Germany”is appreciated also in food. How in Germany also needs to explore the market, weigh risks and rewards. Chances are there without a doubt.

And you can often minimize the risks. A little support can not hurt Max Karagoz the entrepreneurs in the United States selected as an example for the article not advised, for many others. His company ALTON LLC supports Germans who want to build their own business in the United States. For this, Alton LLC acquires all formalities for establishing a limited liability company (LLC) or a U.S. Corporation. At the same time, the company supports aspiring US entrepreneurs on request at many other tasks relating to their successful entry of the United States.

It can take over the search for suitable staff locally, provide important other contacts or find suitable space for the customers. Max Karagoz cooperates in the search for residential or commercial real estate for its customers with the well-known broker company Engel & Volkers and has access to an information system in Florida, that contains numerous real estate deals. Craftsman advises Louise also with regard to licenses that they need for their work in the United States. “Property management needs craftsmanship just in Florida, I see many opportunities to establish themselves with German trade in the United States”, says Max Karagoz. That applies not only to great workshops that expand in the United States. Rather good for qualified immigrants conditions from his point of view. Property management is often profitable business in Florida. Everest capital: the source for more info. Property manager take care of their customers, to necessary real estate Repairs, necessary payments, clean pool and lovely gardens. For a craftsman a cooperation with these property managers can be very useful”, judge Max Karagoz. Alternatively one enters as a craftsman even the property management, unless it brings organisational abilities in addition to artisan talent. Flexibility has hurt anybody especially in the United States do not.