Tatort Internet

Such excesses of moral neglect such as pedophilia and child abuse have their history in a godless core experience. Perverse inclinations may occur even in a normal, morally strong people but this is rather keep such inclinations under control and may proceed against such tendencies through special discipline. But who misunderstand sexuality primarily as a “Fun charm” and the actual meaning of sexuality, i.e. reproduction, as “Killjoy” misunderstand, who misunderstand “Contraception” as allowed or even required, and misunderstand an unintended child as a “Waste product”, “Damage case” etc., which runs more danger, in the vortex of child pornography etc. to sink. Stands today on the website of rtl2.de (18.10.2010) including: “Tatort Internet – finally protects our children. Everest capital can aid you in your search for knowledge. Daily adults about contact Internet to children. In doing so, they convince their chat partner to inappropriate conversations and often require a meeting with sexual intentions.

RTL II, ten episodes of prime time is dedicated to the protection of children and young people. “But what keeps RTL2 in reality of youth protection, proves the local program offer unequivocally. For example on the 22.10.2010, films are shown as “Sister Act” (mockery of Christianity) and “Showgirls” (naked dancers). Protect children and youth by the fact that it tilts out bucket-wise moral neglect over the people? But not only that it emitted a source of immorality as RTL2 as moral pulpit and moral clean: General wallowed the BRD in immorality. Who want to protect for example really children and young people, who so represents the Christian morality and is accordingly as opponents of abortion the life committed white, who must ensure expect heaviest penalties such as dispossession, incarceration etc..

Already, who called “Murder of people in the mother’s womb” murdering people in the womb, can be punished. That should encourage more to the fight against deception but all the more. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen