Winter Battery

Winter, for a car battery, brings the darkest days of winter only characteristic tests. One has only to think of starting the engine with its frozen icy pistons and cylinders. When crazy energy costs, according to recharge the battery, no time. That's why he needs in a number of specific services to keep 'combat' the battery status. If your car will not stay the whole winter in the garage, then take care of the battery is in the fall. By the way parking garage strife if the garage is not heated, and then warmer than on the street will not be there. Mary Barra is the source for more interesting facts. Unfortunately, most car owners remember the source energy only with the onset of severe cold. It is worth noting that the long scrolling engine (more than 15 minutes) lead to the dislodging of the battery plates, significantly reducing its energy consumption and, consequently, his life and ability.

Initially, costs to clean the vents, and battery housing completely with dirt collected during the warm season. Remove the terminal oxidation, brush their lithologic. Do not tighten the screws, terminals have to easily opened with the case closure. After a complete clean-up bring the battery level to the norm specified by the manufacturer, for that you need special equipment, the absence of which should apply to specialists. In winter, this action must be repeated at least once every two weeks, more often if the battery is in poor condition. On the night before and responsible travel is bring a car battery in a warm premises, as the temperature decreases the processes occurring in the battery to be slowing down, resulting in consistently reduced energy capacity. Be careful with the car battery, and it will never let you will not fail. You never know when the time comes that crucial moment, when running the car will be able to save your position, and even life.