Know Losing


AND YOU: DO YOU KNOW LOSING? Life is a game, every day we go out to meet a new departure, in some we gain and others lose. It is important that we question our way of acting both in moments of triumph and in those in which we are losers. We review all our plays have been clean, if not tripping we have put those who believe our opponents and adversaries. Rewarding is when life invites us to participate in a game, and despite having lost internally feel that we’ve won, you’ve ever felt this?, really is either satisfactory since te das account that you have exceeded the need to be flattered, approved and celebrated externally and with this simple act internal, private, simply you raise the flight toward the release inside the chains that we may be tying to this world full of superficialidades You awards and honors public. Continuing with the thought or reflection can you lose? , to see life and their different situations such as games and games, take you the drama to the less favourable situations and suspending all judgment, we observe and decided to surrender and accept the mistakes that have led us to such a temporary loss in eternity. Know losing, requires our party much, but much humility and by another high dose of faith in the divine, otherwise we welcome to the settling of accounts by our own hands and believe me in the majority of those adjustments our emotions make us make mistakes, sometimes egregious, we must recognize if we want to continue to live in peace with our conscience. Play clean, lose with dignity, recognize our mistakes on that play to not commit them in the following, humility to excuse ourselves when we have left us to carry our impulses without thinking of the consequences; on some occasions then have exhausted all of our resources to do justice, pay us and put our trust in divine justice when we have been boycotted and deceived getting an undeserved defeat. Have the ability to observe us compassionately and objectively at the end of the day and with new forces awaken us and continue with new cards that life we deliver and make the best use of them, and if at the end of the day, even when we have not won, let’s not white of applause and prizes, within us the satisfaction of having given the best we had in that time and celebrate with him who created us to overflowhaving given one step more towards our personal and spiritual evolution, which does not have nor shall never nothing to do with what you do and tell others, but with your own world and experience intimate individual. And finally I want to share with you this thought of scientific Pascal, French philosopher and writer: what point you man to gain the world if he loses his soul? Mary TIRONE Economist specialist in management of the Coaching human resources to manage strategically life can enter the Group of prosperity: living in abundance through this link: original author and source of the article.

Tips Seducing Online


Seduction by Internet is an option today, but will never replace face to face interaction, and if you’ve had experiences seducing on the Internet you know that you can go so far and hence do not come further. You give some tips for driving the conversation and can convey your message of seduction even by means that you can be somewhat risky when it comes to conquer. I present 5 tips and give you another 5 on my blog: that I invite you to visit. Find out if you use Messenger, Facebook, MySpace: be careful with this step because even when you feel confident in being able to leave a good impression if you take it to those lands, the way how you ask if you are using any of these means or if you want to add you can define whether you started the conquest or if you already fracasaste. Ask subtly, or takes the conversation to the point you ask your contact, an example is telling an anecdote that you have spent or has happened to a friend of yours with the Messenger. Casual conversation: you should keep in your mind the advice that I give in my blog, and treat of keep the casual conversations, information of tastes and topics of interest, uses the talks both as necessary, not extend them more than necessary, nor nor make them short. Not you spend all day waiting for her or talking with her, because she will think you don’t have life. Remember that it is not only what you say what gives information.

Go to deeper conversations: little by little, after entering in confidence, it can be in the first conversation or after few weeks talking and that knew her best, sees entering deeper themes that let you meet her and she knows it. At this point is careful not to talk about much of thee, between less talk of you and she will more than be better for these reasons: she knows that you know to listen which gives you points, you will feel you know it better than other people and finally when she tells you that she wants to know more about you is the time to tell you that you are agree to disclose more information about you, but it will be in person and you invite her to come out. Which leads us to step 4. Get your movement: as shown in step 3 can wait until she pull an opportunity that you will use to convert it into an outlet. But it is best after reaching a level where you feel comfortable, inviting her to come out. Do not put off too this step, because otherwise you will only become a very close friend, and if you’ve had experience with that, know that close friends are only transformed into boyfriends successfully in movies. Get ready: this is the most important step which will play you make, you must prepare for that appointment, and the conversations that you have with it, learn the phrases to conquer and be ready to tell them; the only way to successfully develop this step is to follow the guide of seduction of this site: seduction Guide. Successful conquering. Original author and source of the article.

Renewable Energies Are The Future


If we do not put an end to our planet, it is time to do something. Not we cannot continue delaying it more, because if we do not start acting immediately, we are going to get our planet will suffer to the extent that it is unusable. It is for this reason that it is essential that everyone should take awareness of the importance of preserving the environment. We can continue to grow and improve without putting in peligrola land, provided that we elect to a reasonable consumption of resources that exist. Acciona promotes the use of renewable energies Acciona is aware of the problem posed by using natural resources which are perishable, and for this reason is a faithful supporter of the use of renewable energy sources. All energy sources produce any environmental impact, but no doubt renewable energy is much lower.

For this reason, Acciona promotes its use and employment and It helps users to use them. In fact, it has the technological centre of Pamplona, which develops a great work of research, innovation and development for renewable energy. Why opt for energies renewable renewable energies are the solution to many of the problems that have faced our planet today. It is source of resources that we have in the world are not perishable, so that we can continue to use them responsibly and without fear. Renewable energies are obtained from natural resources that are virtually inexhaustible, implying that we can continue to use them. For example, biofuels or hydropower are some examples of renewable energy that we must start to be used.

Tupac Amaru


TUPAC AMARU II, TUPAC KATARI and BARTOLINA SISA and his liberation who set us free? We must be clear that things and we must liberate us. They are premises that will be clear to carry out and not give tumbo and stumble as the last given by the Professor of philosophy at the University of huamanga term to accept and renounce what intensifies in previous decades. Perhaps become suspicious and even evasive answers that they can give to my sayings, but this is now up to the present view of things. I do it to remember and recover the historical memory of the first libertarians cries of Gabriel Condorcanqui, the Apaza Quispe, who has gone unnoticed in the memory Creole of this part of the territory of the great navel of the world of the Abya yala. They are 228 years of efforts which will never end until the son of the Condor make reborn the real hope for our nations living under the yoke of the mistis dying and being stolen by any neighbor’s son who have come across the sea or those who cross the rivers of Colorado. For which must rescue the forgotten who is our mother, where we were generated.

Of those arrivals from the great Lake where the sun rises. What are our real ancestors. But not only that, have to take conscience that separated we can not release us, the signal that gave the mistis to execute to Gabriel and the Quispe is instructive according to them and I run it beautifully to the minds of the mistis, was what the Creole of Bolivar did. Separate the body into parts to make it very difficult to liberate ourselves and create our mental scabs, which until now we atosigan and are a tremendous burden that prevents us from advancing. To return to collect the large body of Gabriel, Quispe and the Apaza, we must destroy what made this Creole which us deception that we were releasing; If freeing us from a yoke to fall into another much worse that subsists until these moments.