Know Losing

AND YOU: DO YOU KNOW LOSING? Life is a game, every day we go out to meet a new departure, in some we gain and others lose. It is important that we question our way of acting both in moments of triumph and in those in which we are losers. We review all our plays have been clean, if not tripping we have put those who believe our opponents and adversaries. Rewarding is when life invites us to participate in a game, and despite having lost internally feel that we’ve won, you’ve ever felt this?, really is either satisfactory since te das account that you have exceeded the need to be flattered, approved and celebrated externally and with this simple act internal, private, simply you raise the flight toward the release inside the chains that we may be tying to this world full of superficialidades You awards and honors public. Continuing with the thought or reflection can you lose? , to see life and their different situations such as games and games, take you the drama to the less favourable situations and suspending all judgment, we observe and decided to surrender and accept the mistakes that have led us to such a temporary loss in eternity. Know losing, requires our party much, but much humility and by another high dose of faith in the divine, otherwise we welcome to the settling of accounts by our own hands and believe me in the majority of those adjustments our emotions make us make mistakes, sometimes egregious, we must recognize if we want to continue to live in peace with our conscience. Play clean, lose with dignity, recognize our mistakes on that play to not commit them in the following, humility to excuse ourselves when we have left us to carry our impulses without thinking of the consequences; on some occasions then have exhausted all of our resources to do justice, pay us and put our trust in divine justice when we have been boycotted and deceived getting an undeserved defeat. Have the ability to observe us compassionately and objectively at the end of the day and with new forces awaken us and continue with new cards that life we deliver and make the best use of them, and if at the end of the day, even when we have not won, let’s not white of applause and prizes, within us the satisfaction of having given the best we had in that time and celebrate with him who created us to overflowhaving given one step more towards our personal and spiritual evolution, which does not have nor shall never nothing to do with what you do and tell others, but with your own world and experience intimate individual. And finally I want to share with you this thought of scientific Pascal, French philosopher and writer: what point you man to gain the world if he loses his soul? Mary TIRONE Economist specialist in management of the Coaching human resources to manage strategically life can enter the Group of prosperity: living in abundance through this link: original author and source of the article.