Tupac Amaru

TUPAC AMARU II, TUPAC KATARI and BARTOLINA SISA and his liberation who set us free? We must be clear that things and we must liberate us. They are premises that will be clear to carry out and not give tumbo and stumble as the last given by the Professor of philosophy at the University of huamanga term to accept and renounce what intensifies in previous decades. Perhaps become suspicious and even evasive answers that they can give to my sayings, but this is now up to the present view of things. I do it to remember and recover the historical memory of the first libertarians cries of Gabriel Condorcanqui, the Apaza Quispe, who has gone unnoticed in the memory Creole of this part of the territory of the great navel of the world of the Abya yala. They are 228 years of efforts which will never end until the son of the Condor make reborn the real hope for our nations living under the yoke of the mistis dying and being stolen by any neighbor’s son who have come across the sea or those who cross the rivers of Colorado. For which must rescue the forgotten who is our mother, where we were generated.

Of those arrivals from the great Lake where the sun rises. What are our real ancestors. But not only that, have to take conscience that separated we can not release us, the signal that gave the mistis to execute to Gabriel and the Quispe is instructive according to them and I run it beautifully to the minds of the mistis, was what the Creole of Bolivar did. Separate the body into parts to make it very difficult to liberate ourselves and create our mental scabs, which until now we atosigan and are a tremendous burden that prevents us from advancing. To return to collect the large body of Gabriel, Quispe and the Apaza, we must destroy what made this Creole which us deception that we were releasing; If freeing us from a yoke to fall into another much worse that subsists until these moments.