Sven Stopka


Unfortunately too often. This is due to the lack of competence of the mediator. The insurer must provide this tool the ignorant and gullible intermediaries so that they can convince the customers. Who can not objectively advise, who must take his product among the people just about pictures, rating and other sales AIDS. Who can not give advice should keep their hands off customers! Any aid to the sale (brochures, rating, test judgments, ect.) represents no guarantee for services provided by the insurer. Let them not blinded! From a rating agency’s assessment procedure can be the following can be found: quote: no positive rating for (potentially) collective harmful product characteristics critical to the quality of insurance protection is always also the permanent economic performance of the insurance undertaking, which can be medium to long term risk in faulty or short-sighted interests of sales-oriented product design. We do not evaluate or just difficult to calculate as well as just for single insured useful rules/performance characteristics generally not positive, and allow no incentives for a potentially collectively damaging product design.

The last sentence you can please to dissolve on the tongue. How you interpret this I leave to you. Each rating agency and “Journal” evaluated differently. Therefore you can never derive a security for a good rate through such an “outcome”. Obtain advice from a specialist. Only this can perform usually a comprehensive and competent advice.

Wholesale distributors are not the answer for example with three letters or multi-level! Question for you, why there are different doctors for the medical field? (Dentist, orthopedist, internist, cardiologist, ect) Is everyone specialist in his field, or not? Would you go to a cardiologist with knee problems? Are looking for a competent partner. This may live at the other end of Germany. This is not, as often thought adversely. It is important that you complete advise you will know that what you actually buy with your signature. Many other articles on the topic of products and advice, see our blog. We are like as a competent specialist for a consultation to the page. Sven Stopka, diamond financial

First Decision


I decided already for someone else in the last weeks EMails from prospective customers, who briefly communicated via EMail, that you want any more advice, that you have decided for a contract were often. The one or other has decided for price reasons to retain his existing contract or to complete any. With some prospects, I talked again in the second. Often, statements such as “I know the representatives for many years, and so far I have had no problems”, “The contract is evaluated well” or many other arguments were. Want to let us first the facts. Actually what to buy with his signature with the insurer? Who pays off in the end? What principles serve to regulate the contract? How important is a rating? With your signature you buy only the treaties the GCI (General insurance conditions). These form the basis of the contract between you and the insurer. Any contractual services you need from the General insurance conditions and may refer to existing conditions.

Later, you can not add missing services! The insurer is not obliged to provide you with services, if these are not contractually agreed. Periods never provides the calculation of an agreement. Any periods are paid at the expense of the insurance community and often lead to premium adjustments in health insurance. The calculations of contributions will no longer fit in the disability insurance. VVG (German insurance contract law), to ensure the continued feasibility of services would follow the adjustment according to 163.

It’s always nice to have an intermediary site that puts you with lots of honey around the mouth and tell you how great their product is. Statements such as “trust me” are worth nothing. Who pays the benefits under the contract at the end? The agents on the ground or the insurer with which you have signed the contract legally? How often is sold outside rating, test judgments and other colorful pictures.

Personal Liability


Comparison on which is private liability insurance one of the most important insurance companies at all personal liability insurance and covers the main risks of daily life. Because everyone is liable, for any damages he aimed at that, in one unlimited height and a life long. Without private liability, already a little carelessness can lead to private, financial ruin. Case of personal injury, the amount quickly over 100,000 euros can be, sometimes even over 1 million euros. Then almost always the result is private, financial ruin of the perpetrator and his family. Personal liability insurance, for single or family, protects individuals against claims arising from property damage, personal injury and damage to property third-party effect. FINANZtest ruled therefore 03/2010: “Everyone needs a private insurance policy.” Whether single, family, parent or retiree, whether young or old, the conclusion of a personal liability insurance is useful in every stage of life. A good value for money (amount of coverage at least 7.5) Million euro and no excess) is in the complicated conditions of the insurance, not easy to recognize.

The test results, for example in FOCUS-MONEY, ASSCompact, oKO-TEST and FINANZtest, ProContra say: expensive is not always better! FINANZtest (03/2010) for private insurance found out: “alone among the very good tariffs there are price differences of 117 euros in the year.” Switching to a cheaper private insurance but not only saves money, but includes also often better performance. For single and personal liability insurance for family, with a good price/performance ratio, and 7.5 to 50 million euros you can compare coverage without excess personal liability on.

Budapest Hungarian


Both on the middle Danube, Budapest represents a violent story of two different cities. United by a necklace of spectacular bridges, on the West Bank is Buda, dominated by the Green and sheer mountain of Vorhagy Castle. In the eastern margin, more plain, lies the city of Pest, with the buildings of Parliament similar to Westminster. Buddha reflects the Budapest Hungarian heritage, while Pest recalls imperial times when the city was the headquarters of Eastern aspect of the austro Hungarian Empire. This Alliance did reach an end in 1914, although recently saved to Budapest from the Communist yoke, in the summer of 1989, when Austria opened the borders to their old friends and the iron curtain disappeared. Buddha was founded in the 5th century and named after the brother of Attila the Hun.

The Magyars, commanded by Apad, arrived in 896, a date that is considered the foundation of the Hungarian nation and that brought I get a strange language related to Finnish and considered a linguistic steppe by monotone that is. Pest (Slavic term), for its part, was occupied by Germans, who called home Ofen (oven in reference to the abundance of the city lime kilns). The arrival of the Mongols, with its characteristic violence, represented a high in the period of development. In 1526, the Magyar Kingdom was defeated by the Turks and Budapest became the westernmost outpost of the Ottoman Empire, a legacy to which belong the popular baths of the Gellert Hill. After the revolution of 1848, the kaiser of the dual monarchy (baptized as KyK) tried to reimpose the Austrian authority with a new imperial architecture. The Citadel of Buddha was fortified according to the canons Habsburgo, and Pest had Grand Boulevard, a plaza dedicated to the heroes and avenues flanked by trees to the Parisian mode. The two cities were joined for the first time in 1873 by the rugged elegance of the chain bridge. Churches, bastions, squares and fortifications of Buddha appear to be ancient, but in reality, were rebuilt after the devastating nazi siege of 1944.

This was the beginning of the darkest years of Budapest, when the city was found under the ass of a frog in a coal mine, as they say the Hungarians. The Communist Party install in power to Matyas Rakosi, and the country became the small Stalin While continuing the Nazi persecutions. In 1956, the Soviet tanks took to the streets to quell the revolution unleashed by the liberal policies of the successor of Rakosi, Imre Nagy. Budapest always retained a form of socialism more open goulash that earned him the sympathy of the West. It was the most lively city and scandalous in the Eastern bloc (the empowerment of prostitution gave him a sordid fame, as well as the nickname of the Bangkok of Europe). With this colorful exuberance, great musicians, and the imperial legacy of its architecture and its famous horsemen Hussars, Budapest gives off an air of sophistication fin de siecle. Unlike in the delicate Prague or oppressed Bratislava, Budapest is the passionate capital of Central Europe. And so passionate is that among its most famous natives highlights Zsa Zsa Gabor (passionate about cinema), George Soros (passionate about money) and Ilona Staller, alias Cicciolina (passionate by by). Budapest is the most charming city in the Danube. It has a very clever of be your own scenario, as Vienna, mode but also has a robust substance and a vitality that is unknown his Austrian rival.

Look For His Life To Be Abundant In All Areas


Life must be abundant in all areas because this world is beauty and total abundance, perhaps for many years is we have implemented negative ideas about the accumulation of wealth, but this information is not truthful, actually there is enough abundance for everyone just enough that we increase our faith supported by a true desire, all this by eliminating the feelings of guilt that prevent us from finding us with our spiritual essence. Understand that you can achieve everything you want but need much discipline, it is important to support all your desires with actions, book by modifying our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar explains in detail all principles of the accumulation of wealth, by reading this book you will bring down the great walls that separate you from a State of great prosperitywealth is a great blessing, you must mentalizing that deserves the best. If currently you do not have the status of wealth; don’t worry, will achieve this by following the appropriate guidelines, for example the role of images, words and sounds is extremely important, to the extent that you concentrated is in your desire, then this will be recorded in your subconscious mind and then will create a different reality for you. To set the desire of wealth we recommend the powerful subliminal videos so you implant in their minds the desire for money, good life and gratitude, the internalization of an idea key is repetition, in that sense to watch these videos on an ongoing basis then your mind will give the money to which you aspire. Also in the book by modifying our beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar system you will find the great secrets of the accumulation of wealth, through reading this book will be able to understand the process of creating the reality and then you can create enormous opportunities and favorable conditions for their life. .



Calculated the CVPU: like the previous case, the PVPU, is the summation of the products of the CVUi of each product by their respective proportion or participation with respect to the whole, resulting in the following: CVPU = CVU1Xp1 + CVU2XP2 + CVU3XP3 +. + CVUnxPn CVPU =?CVUixPi.(5) Where, the CVU1, CVU2,., CVUn, are the unit variable costs of each product, and P1, P2, Pn are individual entries for each product in the total volume of revenue produced and sold on each product. Point of Global balance of quantity produced and sold (QEG) global: from equation (3), we can by analogy determine the overall balance of amounts produced and sold. Equations (4) and (5), replaced it in equation (3) and as overall fixed cost equation (2) variable that is the CFTG. Obtaining equation (6), which represents the global equilibrium (Qeg) point to n products: QEG = CFTG /(PVPU-CVPU).(6) Point of equilibrium in monetary Global (IEG): to determine the break-even point in monetary values, equation (6), you just have to multiply it by the price weighted unit sales (PVUP), on both sides of the equation, so that the mathematical form do not alter, leaving in the following manner: IE = Qe x PVPU = CFTGxPVPU /(PVPU-CVPU) = CFTG /(1-CVPU/PVPU) = CFTG /(1-CVPUxQ/PVPUxQ) = CFTG /(1-CVT/IT) IEG = CFTG /(1-CVPU/PVPU).(7) IEG = CFTG /(1-CVT/IT).(8) QEG = equilibrium IEG = monetary income general equilibrium quantity Q = quantity produced and sold CVT = total variable cost for all products IT = total income for all products the quantity balance point produced and sold by product in general is: QEi = (CFTG x Pi) /(PVUi-CVUi), where: i = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…, n.(9) The PVU is the unit sale price and CVUi, the unit variable cost of the ith product. The point of balance in money for each product in general will be: IEi = (CFTGi x Pi) /(1-CVUi/PVUi), where: i = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…, n.(10) (10) Equation is a function the unit variable cost and sale price of the ith product. IEi =(CFTGi x Pi) /(1-CVTi/ITi), where: i = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…, n.(11) In equation (11), it is based on the total variable cost and total revenues generated by the ith product.



Is of utmost importance to have an electronic newsletter by voluntary subscription, this allows to be in permanent contact with your subscribers. Since not having permission to access certain data such as your name and e-mail, you’ll be losing time and money since these people will be a moment in your web site, then be Iran, being very few hardly any possibilities to have contact with them again.It is indeed essential to invite anyone who enters your site and/or blog to subscribe on it, this way to let their data can contact her, send you information on quality, promote your products and/or offerings, services, etc. The frequency of shipments is variable they can be once a week, once a month, every 15 days, etc., everything depends on you, since you’re your who determines the space of the same, what is really important, is that you respect that frequency, since your subscribers know and expect to receive such information on certain date, on the other hand the only thing you will but you meet, is that those people being erased from your list this way, losing credibility and at the same time potential customers. It is recommended to not attempt to sell from the beginning, it is best to Captivate such prospectus, earn their trust, by sending you information that the Subscriber expects to find in your newsletter; like articles, videos, audios, reports, etc. trying to provided that they are of quality and high content. This will allow with the passage of time, that this prospect becomes a customer’s lifetime and that thanks to the confidence and credibility that you’ve gained over time, you will predispose to acquire not only a product but all that business that you propose him, obviously provided that is of your interest.

No matter the design, presentation, structure or characteristics of the bulletin, the fundamental is the content, this is essential, since it is not published anything by the mere fact of complying with your shipments, nor is it copy (plagiarize) everything you find on the net, as indicated in these cases is that if put an article by another author, place a note pointing out the source or by referring to the author of the same.Let’s not forget that in internet there is also copyright, hence the importance of careful in this regard. What is more, currently the mighty GOOGLE, this penalty by duplication of content, so it is best to write your own articles. What is still permitted, is to place videos or audio on your web site or blog. Well now that you know, do not forget that it is paramount to whet your grow your list of subscribers ten patience, begins quietly there are many resources to achieve it, uses the resources with which accounts for the time being, we will later speak a little more than them.Recalls that you as in everything, what is important is not the amount but the quality, and this also applies to the number of subscribers you have for example anything you used to have a list of 1000 Subscribers if only 300, read what them there that is preferable to send count with qualified prospects and not those who were subscribed by curiosity or for the gift that ofrecistes. Miguel Mesia Borgono Quebec Canada how to start and promote your business on the Internet.

Fernando Alexis Jimenez


Fernando Jimenez Alexis the letter arrived with the forcefulness of a star that fleeting crosses the sky on a dark night. He came from Guatemala and in it, the correspondent expressed me huge disappointment that assailed her. I saw a TV program. The preacher said that if he gave one hundred dollars, Dios multiply me planting. I gave the money but nothing happened. Now I have the debt. Not that the God ours is a God of riches.

One message from the many that come from people who feel deceived in their faith. And I remember Hugo, a friend pastor. We went to hear a preacher of prosperity in the stadium of Cali. A fiery message, but nowhere mentioned Jesus Christ. At the end he ended up challenging us all to give what they had in their pockets. At the end of the event, I invited the fellow servant just so that we were going to take the bus.

No, I stay, he answered. Why?, I asked but he insisted that it was. I was worried and hour and a half later I called to his house. He had just of arrive. He gave everything, even the passage in collective money. And it reminded me pesaroso: remember the speaker? He said that if we gave everything we had in his pocket, Dios would provide and I should return me walking ever happened? Dozens of people have fallen into the same situation. They have reversed the order of things. The Lord Jesus taught: because the gentiles seek all these things; but your heavenly Father knows that you you need all these things. But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added. So, no worry for the day tomorrow, because tomorrow will bring your eagerness. Just your own wrong every day. (Matthew 6: 32-34) does the teacher taught us? At least three things that I invite you to consider from this passage: 1.-those who deal with the provision, rather than seek God, are the gentiles, in other words, those who think only of material things. 2.-That we have reversed the order of the things. God commanded us to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and then, he said, other things would come such as addition, and today many seek first the additions and left in last place the Kingdom of God. 3 We must seek God and leave that Dios will address our needs. I invite you to review his life. It has invested its order of priorities? what worries you more: God or money? The answer is yours and nothing more than yours.

Leather Handbag


Finding a leather handbag that is cheek and modern yet will last the longevity of style can be a chore, but we at Dents, providers of leather gloves and handbags, believe that searching for your leather shoulder bag is just as much fun as actually having the thrill of buying the bag and then having the added problem of what you can and cannot wear with it! A handbag is a symbol of status and yet it should be representative of your personality, should get you noticed, whether by your peers or from a prospective fella who thinks its cool, well for a handbag. The handbag market is saturated with many designer handbags that are often over priced so it is advised to look around at the non big names and go for a handbag that is genuinely sleek, and not just a brand name. If a designer handbag is the way to go for you, then ensure you buy from a respectable dealer, as the last thing you want is to spend your precious pennies on a knock-off Louis Vuitton handbag when for the same money you could buy a couple of lovely leather companions, yet without the name. The internet is proving to be a powerful tool, with Google shopping often described as a high and each website is a potential shop Street. On-line retail therapy is less dangerous than being in store surrounded by bag after bag, with each one calling at you to give them a try. There are endless mediums to research products now, the corporate websites and blogs as a natural started with place, then secondly retail shops giving the varieties and differentiation in price.

The progression of the internet have moved towards social networking and social media, so it is advised to go onto leather handbag forum sites, or even delve into delicious, dig or reddit to find articles on the handbag of your choice. It could be useful to see photos of that handbag worn by others to give a real impression of how the bag will make you look or even may indicate the latest trend; After all, you are spending your pocket money on a handbag that will double up as a practical and aesthetic entity. With a sea of articles and shops dedicated to leather handbags it gives scope to crawl some cool websites for designs, celebrity endorsers and the latest trends. I was even on Twitter the other day, and typed in Leather Handbags and was linked to an eBay page covered across with little gems, whether they were genuine or not remains to be seen! But the point remains the same, the internet is a wonderful tool for searching for handbags, I have just scanned a couple of directories for leather handbags, looking at competition and latest lines, and I am only ever impressed by what’s going on! With this is mind, I am currently altering the content of my site hoping to make it more user friendly, and give the user an experience. My aim is to convey the leather handbags in different selections, and when a handbag is added, then it will give an indication of what the bag will look good accessorizing, is this necessary, no, but will it entice bag lovers, I hope so.

Barcelona Place


If you are thinking about renting a parking place the first thing you should know is that the subject can it not as simple as you expect (or how you like to imagine). The problem of the lack of flats to rent, you must add the scarcity in recent years and high price in terms of parking space for rent refers. Pressure on the demand for parking space seems to grow every day in Spain. The causes must find them, broadly speaking, in the economic growth that the country has experienced in recent decades, what he has done to increase the purchasing power of families, allowing them to have not just one, but several cars (in many cases). Also not to be discounted as a cause of demand for parking space to rent, to the increased insecurity caused to thefts of cars of high ranges.

Please note a relevant fact before you begin the search: the price of the rental of a parking place is not in direct relation with the quality and the value of homes that are of the neighborhood. Seems silly, but sure that knowing it beforehand he will make you see things with greater clarity when making a decision. We only mention it so that you do not take disappointments or unnecessary headaches. The nice idea to share if in your case you are looking for a parking place to rent for your home, do not you read this paragraph, because it is aimed at people who need to rent a parking place only for a few hours a day to leave your car in the working hours parked. If you investigate a little and you’re lucky, you can you might get share a parking place, which will save you much time, moodiness, and, of course, money. Basically, the idea is to share a parking place with someone who has to make a journey away from yours and work in where you reside. Well, you finding his place and he yours.

Okay, it may be a little complicated or difficult to obtain, but it is neither impossible nor much less. So you can see it better, you can start researching what is the topic on web such as, or You rent or share, simple recommendations on where to find options: Realtors while not all real estate agents offer among its services parking space for rent without going these linked to a floor in particular, the truth is that yes there are those concerned with these matters. If you do not know to which one resort, you can use a real estate portal and find out what real estate they offer parking for rent in your area, such as the cases of and Apartment for rent Max Maxwell graduate in advertising and communications by the Autonomous University of Barcelona journalist specialized in the classifieds market.