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How this can be seen in the assessment of business need to use a retrospective accounting information (financial statements) and the current financial and economic indicators of the company. Time of recording data used and the time of evaluation among themselves are not consistent. The discrepancy between the data over time creates the conditions for the emergence of these kinds of distortions. These include: changing accounting standards, baselines, denomination of currency, currency fluctuations, structural changes in prices, etc. These inconsistencies give rise to the problem of adjustment is used throughout the financial and accounting records in order to bring them to a common interim standard, which serves as a time of evaluation. Alignment and adjustment of financial reporting is regulated by a standard BVS-IX, the process may include: Reduction of financial information on the estimated company and peers to a single basis.

Applying the Restatement of values into the current. Adjustment of income and expenses so that they adequately characterize the company's results for the long period of time. Allowance for nonperforming assets and liabilities and related income and expenses. Bringing Financial Reporting to a uniform basis. Within the state accounting system the company always has the freedom to choose methods of accounting. This choice is fixed in order 'on the accounting policy of the enterprise' for one year and may change over the years. Principle drawing accounting does not require a reflection of the real market value of certain assets of the enterprise. In this situation, companies prefer to use those methods of accounting that would allow minimize taxes.

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In addition, this part of the credit history contains information about which of the banks and when treated asking about the borrower's credit bureau. A few words about how the information about the borrower enters into a credit history. By law, the bank transmits information about the borrower to at least one of the 27 credit bureaus exist in the Russia. To transmit information requires the consent of the borrower, which the bank usually asks for when signing a credit agreement. Granting of consent – is voluntary, the borrower may not give such consent, but remember that a positive credit history – almost a guarantee of obtaining further loans on more favorable terms and for longer periods. Recommendation of the Moscow financial agencies – such give consent.

In accordance with the law, the bank transmits information about the new borrower and all events for the already allocated to customers within 10 days from the date of the event. At the same time the credit bureaus by law have only 1 day to make the information received in the borrower's credit history. Thus, in practice, information about the changes that occurred on the borrower paid within 2-4 business days. Who can watch Credit history of the borrower, and what information from credit history available to banks? A full credit history of the borrower can get only the borrower, the court, the investigating authorities. Only those categories available information about who, when and how many times asked for information about the borrower, in which organizations had credit, and what organizations provide information about him to the credit bureau. The main part of their credit history, where provides information on loans and arrears, banks may request. Moreover, in accordance with law, to receive this data also requires the consent of the borrower.

You should know that credit history does not contain information on failures of banks in providing loans: to the credit bureau data are recorded only on loan agreement or credit. How do I get my credit history? We remind you that in terms of formal definitions Credit history can not be obtained, we can only get a credit report. Information on a borrower may be stored in more than one credit bureau, since different banks have the right to "merge" the information in different organizations. The standard way is: should contact the credit bureau where you prompt, in what office to store information about you, and advise the quickest way to obtain a credit report. Moscow financial agency Business Blog Moscow Finance Agency

Global Financial Crisis


Part Three articles on the causes of the economic crisis in the world and Ukraine. Good afternoon dear ladies and gentlemen! Again, I'm with you, Nick Chalecki, CEO of Internet holding company B2B Marketplace – Ukraine". () Today we will talk about state of business in Ukraine. Obviously, during the global financial crisis, business in Ukraine is experiencing hard times. Regardless of the size of the company business in Ukraine and to the global financial crisis businesses had to survive. This is due to several global causes: – Large-scale pressure from the State's calculation and payment of taxes, levies and other obligatory payments.

– Close attention and exercise greater control over regulatory authorities in different sectors of business. In many cases, this control is extorted character. – Pernicious credit system for every entrepreneur and businessman, regardless of company size. Credit conditions in Ukraine, one of the worst in Europe. Throughout valued business development, job creation, increased in connection with the receipt in budget, and we have to impose a tribute, and survive to see it? – All this has created us in the camp of global corruption, corruption, and almost totally vzyatochnistvo. After all, think about it, until 1991 in our country has not been developed as corruption, as Now that every year more and more consumes our society, and that the worst thing to this phenomenon is so all are accustomed to and brought up in this younger generation of people in the country, which itself gets used, and transfers it's their children that we have in the country to buy the court, prosecution, police, any officer, everything has its price.

Financial Freedom – Creating A Cash Machine


Financial Freedom – creating a cash machine author: Alexey Koptev AleksandrovichSayt author: financial freedom with this article begins a series of publications devoted to the simple but effective methods of getting money in the Internet. Just want to warn fans of the easy way. All Hallows my methods work 100%, but they will not allow: 1 – make a lot of 2 – Earn quick 3 – Earn Money by doing nothing. Everyone else should keep in mind the following: 1 – method is simple, banal, tested and working 2 – All methods will require painstaking work in the initial phase (from 5 to 9 months) 3 – All methods for proper operation will initially be for many years to bring a stable income Before we start another small digression. All will be discussed in this and subsequent articles may be used with asolyutno any level of training, but from my own experience will tell. If you do not have the skills html editing and programming on php, perl or other 'web' language efficacy of the methods described will tend to zero, and to build long-term cash machine you will probably not be never. So I advise to educate ourselves, without the above skills on the Internet in general is difficult to build a business. Let's start perhaps. In this article we will discuss this method of revenue as the creation of partnerships Internet – shops. Skeptics have a lot to say against that, but their main argument will sound.

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In these respects, lies a paradox, to which attention should be paid. At first glance, banking services – a market for conservative avoid the risk of people as the main message of this business – 'save'. On the other hand, the reputation of the Russian banking system makes the depositors at the least an alarm to queue at branches banks to have enough time to withdraw their money. Hence, one of the roles of banking is risk. But the risk – the lot of innovators and drivers of the set of markets, enjoy the use of all of the unknown risky.

Thus, to understand the market structure and clearly define its basic part – a task for an individual decision because the value of bets on Innovators and the Conservatives should be considered separately for each financial product. Accordingly, the consumer may be psycho to become the third plane in the right system, the segmentation of the financial market, complementing its psychographic component. Indeed, even the word 'Reliability' sounds totally different from the standpoint of innovators and conservatives, meaning the first reputation as a partner, and for the second – the safety of money. 'OUR CUSTOMER' in the practice of mobile operators have several approaches to calculate the number of subscribers. One of them, the most popular and at the same time most controversial, is based on counting the total number of sold sim-cards. According to the results of these calculations, the number of cellular subscribers in Russia has long exceeded the 200 million people, moreover, that the total population barely exceeds 142 million.

Financial Risk


Basis for the analysis of credit expert score overall financial situation of the enterprise. This assessment begins with the preparation of this balance sheet that best reflects the state of assets and liabilities firm the potential borrower. A balance must be prepared for the state of affairs on the day of analysis. Information about the inner workings of the company and how it conducted business, as well as on its financial position, largely depending on whether how the firm operates can be obtained as a result of the statement of profit and loss account over the past three, six or twelve months depending on the amount of the assessed businesses. Finally, the analysis and forecast cash flow assets (Cash Flow) not only serves to track the actual movement of funds in previous periods. These data also provide an opportunity to assess in advance the future liquidity of the company from different perspectives (Conservative or optimistic).

Of course, when collecting financial information is not enough merely thoroughly review or even reorganize the data collected in the official reporting documents (balance sheet, statement of Profit and loss account and cash flow analysis), and then use these data as a basis for the decision to grant credit. Credit experts must necessarily make its own full financial reports for each company of the potential borrower. This approach is justified for the following reasons: – official financial statements (balance sheet and application) can be created three months ago. This means that the data in the report outdated and does not make any sense when assessing the enterprise. And do not affect whether you can take a loan secured by real estate or a loan secured by apartment. The presence of the most recent data is absolutely necessary, especially in such a rapidly changing environment that characterizes the state of business in Russia today. – Valuation of fixed assets does not reflect their current market price.

The revaluation, the compensating inflation used predetermined coefficients, which are not always fully reflect changes in market prices. – Not all assets used in the enterprise are included in the official balance sheet. In such cases, certain basic funds made available in an enterprise using the 'lease', and thus, although the company does not own the assets legally, but the property is used in the business, from a financial point of view, it is part of the company's assets. – To minimize taxes, the company significantly understate the income from their operations. Production costs or other expenses of the firm. Source: banks loans secured by real estate.

The European Union


For example, we at the Institute of Entrepreneurship has 3 Foreign student in the department that deals with foreign students and exchange programs. In general, if administration of the university student looking for a job, our students are from Russia, Ukraine, have the advantage – speak several foreign languages. Can foreign university students to participate in the Czech Republic international exchange programs? From this year for foreigners who study in universities Czech Republic, see the program exchange students 'ERASMUS'. Each institution is the Czech partner institutions in different countries, allowing students for 3-10 months to train for the exchange abroad, receiving a grant. This program is funded The European Union.

Is it possible to combine study at undergraduate and graduate programs in the Czech university in the presence of higher education? Yes, there are no restrictions. Can be trained simultaneously at several universities, if a student is have time to attend classes and pass examinations. Take into account that in graduate programs in the Czech Republic is hard enough to learn, a lot of specialized subjects, written works. Many people wonder whether one can learn in graduate programs in Czech Republic free of charge. Free education in the Czech Republic provided for a term not exceeding 6 years. If the student learns to 7 years, the last year will pay for their education. But much depends on the particular institution, specialty and department, because it happens that for some specialties department provides training for free. Although the number of years a student is already studying, and what account receives education.

Commercial Products and Sales


Finally, you have created your first commercial product and decided to still run it on sale. Like any aspiring internet entrepreneur, you are kind to his creation and did not want to have access to it were unscrupulous people who are not paid for it owed you money. But, referring to the purses of its keeper, you understand that they do not have to buy special scripts or software software that can protect your product. And what to do? You run in the sale of its commercial product without any protection. Pour it on your server, fill in selling the site for him, as well as available to you scripts for automatic delivery to customers. And then you start getting your first sale, then the profit is growing and everything seems fine. But Since the passed month or two after release, in the ranks of your like as aides wound up a traitor.

I’m talking about search engines – namely, on Yandex. Learning about the new site – your commercial site – he was happy (as practice shows) indexes it. From his “eye” does not escape virtually nothing – no pages or files. So what’s the problem? – You ask. – Still good. My site will be to issue a search engine. Well, it is good, yes but not always. Crawled your marketing text (which, of course, well and that certainly you on the arm), it also indexes and secret page that contains links to download your product and access to which is, in theory, should only receive your customers.

Millennium Television


2010 Nino Gallegos One recent years when the immediate past suffer in this mediate mediated by the powers and media tend to shoot with all the intention to get an answer: the media coverage. Media coverage is not sufficient communication and information retriggers virtualization over the line on which the mediation was fired: the intention from the sender and the receiver response, being in between the medium and the message: Televisa and TVAzteca make large ranch in Mexico's global village of our excesses communication and information, Telmex and makes us understand we extend, Radio and Tele Formula is the rancherizacion of radio listeners and television viewers and Millennium puts us in history. And we may need us put the Deputies and Senators from the Canal of Congress, subject to the governors of the Conago also have channels of state television and radio. A journalists' desktops, box and microphone communicators and political analysts academic cubicle, they make print and electronic spaces. In Mexico, there is hardly anyone to express their views freely, because we live in a constant-Mexico-are-aware, with the exception of the excluded, marginalized, impoverished and screwed, and when a Community Radio analyzes and denounces innermost part of a problem, they criticize the program or they take away the grant or kill them but they do not shut up the voices. One would say that is the democracy of all citizens in our faces and our voices. While journalists were touched them more lead than silver drug traffickers, there are other journalists who conbeben with politicians and entrepreneurs they serve.

Achieving Financial Goals


We must try and identify a series of internal and external levers are fabulous points of support in achieving our financial goals .. We all know what a handle and how your simple mechanism, allowing us to multiply the force used to move an object simply by using the proper fulcrum. Similarly we should use wisely a series of levers that we can rely on to maximize our efforts. Is not it much easier to get one million euros if they have another million? It is obvious, because money is a lever, but not the only, nor all the levers are so obvious. There are two kinds of levers: internal and external. Internal levers: 1.

Our mind. The mind has the power to focus on what you want, to see possibilities where none exist, to imagine the success a lot before getting them. Ultimately it is our mind that makes us rich or poor. 2. Relationships.

Your personal and professional relationships can be the key that gives you access to knowledge and opportunities that would otherwise cost you months or years. If you are part of a team of 10 people and each knows 100 people, you have access to the 1,000 people to get information or assistance. 3. The system. Successful people have succeeded in some concrete way, and there are many ways. Read biographies of entrepreneurs who have managed to get rich. Inspired them. 4.