Accessories For Professional Coffee Machines

Accessories coffee machines, espresso making process as much as possible the individual and at the same time very entertaining. The use of additional equipment fills the preparation of coffee drink a special meaning, making it the personification of all that coffee can offer. Temp. Temper – wooden or metal device designed to put pressure on the mass of crushed coffee, from which then made espresso. Temp should be as easy to use, that can be understood only in the presence of considerable experience in dealing with such a tool, and for the barista, he is no less important, than a brush for the artist.

Price temperature can vary from 5 to 150 dollars, it is often a plastic version of the kit include coffee makers, but the quality is poor, resulting in a process Espresso is not introduced anything special. Cups and saucers. There are a lot of cups of espresso and cappuccino at the price of which can be both very low and very high. In this cup have not only aesthetic function, they are also an integral part of what makes the taste of espresso, supplementing or weakening it. Even the shape of the cup plays a role – it is considered that, ideally, it should be very round, otherwise the taste Coffee can not get satisfactory. The thicker walls of the cup, the longer it remains warm espresso, which is not less useful to heat the cup before use, and use this special area located at the top of the espresso machine, is not enough.