Data Rescue, Data Recovery

It is difficult to imagine a modern person who does not have a flash drive or memory card. But what to do if the information is stored on our media? There was a failure on the flash file system, accidentally formatted external hard drive with movies, books, photos, files from work, but backups do not have? For some it is tantamount to a mini hurricane. More information can try to recover, the main rule Do not write on a formatted drive other files. Usually when you format or file system failure, broken only table with the information posted files, and files are not damaged, so we can do to try to recover the data after we have seen that our media is physically all right and it should not appear a window with the message 'insert disk'. We turn to data recovery for this we take free software which is included in PhotoRec package testdisk-6.10. Unpack the archive with the program for example in c: Temp Podkyuchaem our unit to the computer and run the program photorec_win.exe 1.B list of disks that were found choose our removable disk 2.Potom select the type of file system in this case, Intel 3.Vybiraem sections to find deleted files, grab the first in the list of Whole disk 4.Teper specify the type of file system to disk, because we have a FAT file system, select Other 5.Tut choose directory to save found that this faylov.Po default directory where the program photorec_win.exe, press Y to begin the process of 6.Teper to find deleted files 7B eventually the program will inform the number of files and store them in directory recup_dir Well that's all I hope you helped, above all do not write on your disk is formatted or any information otherwise not be able to recover afterwards. If for some reason you are not able to restore their own data, use the services of our master firmy.Nashi restore the data and produce computer repair C Sergei Dimyanov respect.