Rescue Group

The Method Chest, has not only revolutionized demonstrably favored and the operational level in canine units for the detection and rescue of survivors buried. Since 2004, the implementation methodology adapted from the Chest, has also optimized the performance of detector dog working in other types of specialized search dog team (drugs, explosives, protected species …), as reported, for examples, the respective responsibilities of the Canine Unit officers following: Canine Unit of the Environmental Protection Unit of the National Police of Ecuador has improved the detection results on the shark fin trade, sea cucumbers, wild life animal … National Park Galapagos.Capitan D. Edgar Maroto, Environmental Protection Unit of the National Police of Ecuador. Canine Unit of the Intervention and Rescue Group of the National Police of Ecuador has improved results in the detection of explosives and drogas.Capitan D.

Patricio Galiano Borja, Intervention and Rescue Group of the National Police of Ecuador. Canine Unit of the National Police of Colombia has improved results in the detection of explosives, landmines, by police mobile squads of the National Police Canine Colombia.Coordinador National Guides of the National Police of Colombia, D. Juan Carlos Sierra. National Directorate of Police. Canine Brigade Police Service of Caracas, Venezuela has improved results in the detection of explosives and drugs. Inspector D.


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Foreign Trade

Cuba without Russian Russian withdrew from Cuba in the early nineties. Do not all, of course. Only a few hundred embassy, three-four journalists da Russian wives Cubans, who no one ever did. In the 70's and 80's lived here tens of thousands of our specialists: geologists, builders, military Cuba's 'school' were many of our policies: Anatoly Sobchak, Yegor Gaidar, Alexander Kapto. Ha Cuba tested in the scouts. Even today in Havana, knowledgeable old-timers may show you the house where the kgb or the cia recruited agents. Ho, alas, forever sunk into oblivion days when Leonid , standing before an enthusiastic crowd of a million, from the podium at Havana's Revolution Square could talk about the closeness of the two nations – the Soviet and Cuban. Proximity to left, but Russian in Cuba still love.

Though for what? If before 90% of the foreign trade of the island was connected with the Soviet Union, today only the bank Menatep-Impex 'do business with Cubans – buy sugar. On the roads of Liberty Island has run 'Lada', 'Muscovites' and the 'Volga', but spare parts bought in Panama, and to replace our cars are gradually 'Nissan', 'Reno' and 'Mercedes'. Cuba fell in love with Western Company – Spanish, German, Canadian, Italian, English, Mexican. They are already investing in the Cuban oil, nickel, and above all – in tourism. Ha Cuban coast, like mushrooms, grow four-and five-star Hotels. These are companies with mixed capital, such as our sp. Participate in their company with a worldwide reputation: Spanish Horizontes and Guitart, German lti.

Coping with Chores

Happened to you is that by the end of the day you feel tired, and it happens often? It happens that the work you dream at night and this morning you do not feel rested? Have you feel annoyed when you was given the job slave, and then found out that it was not done, and the time wasted? Do you feel like a squirrel in a cage? The pleasure that you once got from his work, somewhere to go? Why with us so happening? Every day you make any actions in carrying out their work. You start it, execute and complete. This principle lies at the heart of any activity of any work. If a person does not carry through to its logical completion of any action, leaving it for later debugging, part of his attention, figuratively speaking, riveted to this action. While he did not finish. Often people do not even realize that he does not use all their account for the current work, only part of it. A lion's share of his attention focused on a set of actions that he did not complete and that does not even remember at the moment. For this reason, people get into accidents, get injury, tired by the end of the day, under stress and willing to finally go somewhere on vacation. Uncompleted action could be anything. Not harvested on the shelf after reading the book, not thrown in the wastebasket note which has already fulfilled its informational function, the letter left unanswered in the e-mail.

The City

The first is an assessment of the situation in general, need to collect the maximum information. For example: the status object location / presence of such objects in the environment / specific (political and economic), for example, city or area / quantity and quality (type) of the population / availability of basic communications (railway and road) near facility in the city, and traffic on them / who has real power and money in the city, and how it (authority) is delegated, and soberly assess its owner, the power and possibilities in the city / investment activity and its characteristics (Local or otherwise, a focus on raw materials, demand or labor) / how are you doing with the outflow-inflow of labor in the city, region / left or is leaving young people (20-30 years) / What are the prospects of urban development in the region over the next 3-5 (You can more) years, so what are the needs and demands of the population /'s good to know what is more, import or export of funds into the city, region, and so on. You have to understand the direction of thought. The average is around 30 – 40 points. And, God knows what More and more authentic the better! Yes, and it should sit down and write on paper, but not "to figure in mind! First, write the questions, then find the answers and write. Until such time as there is no more questions on this subject in general, and for each will give a precise answer.

Ski Club Ski People

If you are fond of skiing and ski plan to keep practicing frequently, perhaps what is most convenient for you to join a ski club. In a ski club people love this sport can find everything they need to organize their trips to ski with the best guarantees, with the greatest comfort and most fun possible. In a ski club can find everything you need to ski without seeing limited by lack of people to go skiing or lack of sites and plans to make it worthwhile to attend activities related to skiing. Indeed, in a ski club can find many people willing to play the sport are more people willing to join the plans so you can organize and form a community of skiers. Another advantage you can find in a ski club is that you have the advice of many people practicing the same sport that interests you both. This is a great advantage because skiers sometimes have questions relating to the practice of slopes, are questions about places to go skiing, are questions about how to be skiing in certain circumstances, are questions about the team that you have to download the mountains or how to service the ski.

You see, to join a ski club will find many facilities for the information that you have access, which is very different when you're lone skier or skiers have an organization in which to lean. In a ski club usually tends to have privileged access to certain services that are not skiers who are not attached to any ski club. Because the ski club handle many people involved in skiing, it is usually possible to find additional services or trading privileges in specialized places in skiing because traders are interested in attracting large numbers of people to their services . Also, by electronic mail a ski club can achieve on behalf of sponsors, discounts on equipment and everything you need to purchase for skiing. Another advantage often achieves a ski club is that you allow discounts to travel agents when planning trips, in fact, as a ski club runs a number of people, travel agents will be interested in attracting the largest possible public good prices. In these deals will benefit not only skiers but all those involved in business, it is so convenient for the union of skiers in a ski club. Perhaps the biggest advantage of being in a ski club is that in these you can find people who share the same tastes as you. This is very important because the fall in the mountains is much more fun when other people share with you. Moreover company will also during the trips, even when we're not skiing, but traveling or simply eating breakfast out to ski all day.

Don Pedro Gonzalez

Monday was a special in the company of Don Pedro Gonzalez, the day the meter signature would make the presentation of the summary of what happened during the years before the owner of the company and its group’s closest collaborators. It was a year in which the activity of Gonzalez and Sons “had shown a level of significant recovery from previous. The volume of sales had not only maintained but actually increased by 30%, which prompted the need to hire new workers and employees to carry out the management of the Company. Everything seemed to be a quiet meeting, at which he more than justified reasons to celebrate and toast the business growth, as could “read” on all sides distended. Anyone wondered why one by one they were entering the meeting room in the middle of jokes and laughter to so, in this context, the exhibition started. Along the same, the faces have changed, the nervousness was becoming this as the silence grew more tense and the atmosphere began to become uncomfortable for everyone.

The picture of the situation posed by the counter was very clear and left no room for doubt. The company was not in good financial and economic conditions, it is more, the level of uncertainty about the future was more than justified. They all had difficulty understanding what they were hearing and the commentary was nearly unanimous – “How can that be?” -. How to explain that in a period marked by a third growth in the turnover level accompanied by a significant increase in customer base, which the company was working close to a level of 80/90% of their installed capacity during which it had been necessary to enable three shifts to meet the needs of production, the result was bad? This situation just described very briefly, is unfortunately not so hard to find in small and medium businesses today.

Beware of the Warning Letter

Dear Job Applicant: Just as Goldilocks was suspicious of the Big Bad Wolf, beware of the big bad word! You know the kind. In compliance. Until now. Credibility and all his cousins contagious! Unless you keep your guard up, these tiny parasites that infest your letters, such as termites in a wood pile! Do not let them. Remember, employers are normal people – like you and me. They do not want to carry around a dictionary of ten pounds to get through what should be a cover letter clearly and concisely.

Decide today that will communicate with your potential employer as if two friends sitting around a coffee cup. The common language, a touch of humor and specific details about what you can do for the company and why you're the one for the job will take you further than any five-dollar word you hear in a national spelling bee! Not only is it written that a waste of time, the result is totally ineffective. The hiring manager is likely to read a sentence, then put the letter in the trash – their hopes and dreams with her. Do not let your destination. Take charge of your cover letter now. Choose words that anyone can recognize and understand and write in a friendly manner that will bring your unique personality to the page. Try this: I am very impressed with your company.

After visiting your website and "encounter" that you and other employees through their profiles, I thought, this is the company for me. I am a hard worker and I have pride in paying attention to detail. Please give me a chance to talk with you about what I can bring to (name of company) for the position of (job name). Now I have a list of ideas I'm eager to share with you. I look forward to hearing from you, and then to meet you in person. Mix the following: "In accordance with the attached resume, I've compiled and written a list of attributes, and carefully analyze characteristics necessary to extrapolate my purpose and my love for the type of work that articulates with extreme verbosity on your website with the theme, "Open Positions." That said, I ask your permission to collect a private conference with you so I'll draw your attention … At this point, if it gets that far, the employer shred the letter and any idea of contacting you for an interview. Beat the BIG BAD WORD-itis: Read the letter aloud. At the time of hearing, feeling, or saying a word or phrase that twists the tongue and fogs your brain, take it out. Rewrite until the words and sentences out of their language and you feel a smile. Hey this sounds good! The display of his passion for the position clear and ask for the interview. I am supporting to you! Open concise language is so rare in the business world today, that those who can dominate the land of the interview of your dreams – and the work behind it. Jimmy Sweeney is the president of CareerJimmy and author of the new "Amazing Letter Creator." Jimmy has written several books related professionals and their only "which" off-the-job search box "approach, make his articles a favorite job seekers. Jimmy is regularly published on some of the largest career sites on the Internet Web. Who else wants their phone ringing with more interviews of job quality? Visit Jimmy on the web right now for today "letter instantly."

European Business Model

– It must be and be seen. .- Often become leader, but it is not. .- The charisma is personal and not transferable. Convince .-. .- It is an art. .- Believe in action (sudden transformation).

.- The principles wants to enjoy. .- Capacity, effectiveness and ideology. The improvement team should be involved in the process and help its development. Need previous training. Make self-evaluation. The systematic and regular use of the Model by the management team allows it to establish plans for improvement based on objective facts and the achievement of a common vision about the goals to be achieved and the tools to use. That is, its implementation is based on: The deep understanding of the model by all levels of company management. The assessment of the situation the same in each of the areas the European Excellence Model Business, sponsored by the EFQM and the EU Commission, the basis of the European Quality Award, consists of two parts: A set of criteria for business excellence covering all areas of operation of the organization.

A set of rules to evaluate the performance of the organization within each criterion. There are two sets of criteria: The Results (criteria 6 to 9) represent what the organization achieves for each of its stakeholders (customers, employees, society and Investors). Agents (Criteria 1 to 5) are aspects of the management system of the organization. They are the causes of the results. For each group of criteria is a set of rules-based assessment in the “logic Reder” The results show positive trends, compares favorably with the specific aims and results of other organizations, be caused by the approaches of agents and cover all relevant areas.

Officers must have a well founded and integrated approach with other aspects of the management system, its effectiveness has periodically reviewed in order to learn and improve, and they must be deployed and implemented systematically in the operations of the organization. Definitely, as we noted, EFQM Excellence model, created in 1988, is based on the following premise: “customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and a positive impact on society are achieved through leadership in policy and strategy, personnel management an accurate, efficient use of resources and an adequate definition of processes, which ultimately leads to excellence in business performance “is a continuous application model in which each one of its nine elements (criteria) are broken down into a number of sub and can be used independently or jointly. These sub-criteria are evaluated and weighted to determine the progress of the organization towards excellence in the EFQM model is a tool for quality management that enables the organization to guide the client, one of the fruits awareness of the management team and staff for the sake of improving their products and / or services. The base model is the self, understood as a comprehensive and systematic examination of the activities and results of an organization that is compared with a business excellence model (usually a lead agency).

Parisian Antiques

When seeking out the perfect gift for the friend who seems to have everything, Parisian antiques housed at Bagatelle Antiques has some great offerings.  Around 50,000 people come to check out the wares and new findings every Saturday (our one day a week opening) and a further 20,000 by private appointment during the week.  We pride ourselves on traveling the world for special finds, most notably those with some kind of French influence.

We offer an array of paintings, silver, cookware, furniture, rugs, ornaments and more.  We are also interested in filling customized orders for our clients.  While many of the flea markets in the area can be intimidating (due to their large scale), we pride ourselves on offering our clients a personalized tour.  Book early to avoid disappointment.