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Innocrush 35 Crusher on MAHe delivered by their partner Mint equipment, the company of dsb-Innocrush construction machinery, headquartered in Linz/Austria, recently already the second Innocrush 35 Crusher to the in Nozay, bordering the Brittany-based construction company MAHe delivered, which only took over the first copy in March. The company dsb could however also in Eastern Europe recently celebrating successes and to once again deliver an Innocrush 30 on VIP logistic. In the areas of transport, construction machinery new and used cars, earthmoving, renovation and demolition has an over 40 years of experience the company of MAHe and operates a vast machinery of earthmovers, excavators, bulldozers, trucks, and crushing and screening plants. (Similarly see: john k castle). The Geschaftsfuher Dominique Mahe at the top are customer satisfaction, best service, as well as quick and efficient solutions. A more mobile crushing plant was needed due to the increasing number of orders for the breaking of recycling material.

He was not long thinking about and also immediately the second Crusher at dsb-Innocrush so Dominique Mahe ordered, because he was impressed by the performance of the machine, as well as of the service of the dsb team already at the first deal. With a length of 11.6 m, a width of 2.55 m, a height of 3.22 m and an operating weight of 35.5 t the Innocrush 35 is a compact held. The built-in motor is a CAT C11 with 287 of kW. Secondhand, used construction equipment and vehicles in the Switzerland. New construction equipment service press contact: a production of Verticom Germany GmbH, Lyoner Strasse 14, 60528 Frankfurt / Main Nero Waching phone: 0700 / 64 68 00 00 fax: 0700 / 64 68 60 00 E-Mail: Internet: about is a comprehensive, vendor-independent information portal for construction and the construction industry. United in the form of unprecedented a news news portal with the preparation of technical expertise to the various machine types and requirements, those on construction sites all over World meets. The depth of information ranging from the basics of how works an excavator? What he is?”- up to engineering issues with complex issues. Convince yourself and just visit