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As the robust material fiberglass conquered the gardens are to the Interior of the garden and the terrace. What began with design-oriented furniture continues with modern planters and flower troughs. The flower pots should be weatherproof and robust. Especially flower pots made of fiber glass seem to prevail here compared to conventional zinc and terracotta. The term comes from the English language, but makes the point: “Homing”, the laying of the food item to own homes, seems the trend to be – be reinforced in times of crisis.

Gardens and terraces are becoming living landscapes and this is also reflected in the furnishings. Credit: john k castle-2011. Earlier, chunky wooden furniture dominated the local terrace, today there are modern worlds of lounge with couch and chairs – the best of weather-resistant wicker. This flower pot, flower troughs and flower pots, play an important role. Especially flower pots made of fiberglass exterior beautiful accents and are a real eye-catcher. Featured geometric shapes are as Cubes, cuboids and pillars. The advantages are obvious: the planters made of fiberglass are durable, lightweight and weatherproof. Frost can have nothing them, since the pots are lined with an insulating.

Contrast flower pots made of terracotta, in whose coarse pores moisture builds up and that can burst in harsh winters. The Eastwest Trading GmbH offers a variety of modern fibreglass planters, customers can choose between the colours black granite, white, Terra cotta-like, Slate, and various shades of gray. However, while about zinc pots especially in the outdoor area used (corrosion danger), Flowerpot made of fiberglass in the living area-important accents. They serve as a room divider and elegant single position. One thing seems clear: the homing will further continue. For its customers, the Eastwest Trading GmbH therefore continues the path to bring high-quality and cheap flower pots on the market. It is possible it by buying direct from the manufacturer- not applicable to each Zwischenhhandel. For the next few years new exciting shapes and colors are planned, which constantly enriched program and expanded. (All models under)