Kidney Care

Since then much water takes care of its kidneys taking, loves its lungs it never promised and them more to affect them to them with smoke of the cigarette, in conclusion Briana, learned that if does not love its body it returns to fall to the same. To be better people suitably begins loving each organ of my body, feeding to me, and trying that nothing than does, can damage no part of my being. Leaving all abuse and excess that me it can affect. To be better person, causes that it loves the others, that I am not the cause by the pain others, that love lives in harmony giving to receive love. To be better person, includes that it loves the nature of the creation, being able to cooperate in the cleaning of the environment taking care of of the forestation, and updating me in the technology to know how I can cooperate, not only leaving the work to the great industries. We can investigate as of our domestic devices I can change with the purpose of to use less electrical energy, using ecological paintings that dismiss less toxics, recycle separately the organic thing of the different disposable things. To be better person mainly consists of loving and to know God, allowing that he is the owner of our lives, thus we will be better people, stable, safe and able to work correctly in journeying of this life. To be better person, amate and take care same, loves and takes care of to your resemblances, it loves and it takes care of your environment, and mainly it loves God that takes care of of you..