Commercial Products and Sales


Finally, you have created your first commercial product and decided to still run it on sale. Like any aspiring internet entrepreneur, you are kind to his creation and did not want to have access to it were unscrupulous people who are not paid for it owed you money. But, referring to the purses of its keeper, you understand that they do not have to buy special scripts or software software that can protect your product. And what to do? You run in the sale of its commercial product without any protection. Pour it on your server, fill in selling the site for him, as well as available to you scripts for automatic delivery to customers. And then you start getting your first sale, then the profit is growing and everything seems fine. But Since the passed month or two after release, in the ranks of your like as aides wound up a traitor.

I’m talking about search engines – namely, on Yandex. Learning about the new site – your commercial site – he was happy (as practice shows) indexes it. From his “eye” does not escape virtually nothing – no pages or files. So what’s the problem? – You ask. – Still good. My site will be to issue a search engine. Well, it is good, yes but not always. Crawled your marketing text (which, of course, well and that certainly you on the arm), it also indexes and secret page that contains links to download your product and access to which is, in theory, should only receive your customers.

Millennium Television


2010 Nino Gallegos One recent years when the immediate past suffer in this mediate mediated by the powers and media tend to shoot with all the intention to get an answer: the media coverage. Media coverage is not sufficient communication and information retriggers virtualization over the line on which the mediation was fired: the intention from the sender and the receiver response, being in between the medium and the message: Televisa and TVAzteca make large ranch in Mexico's global village of our excesses communication and information, Telmex and makes us understand we extend, Radio and Tele Formula is the rancherizacion of radio listeners and television viewers and Millennium puts us in history. And we may need us put the Deputies and Senators from the Canal of Congress, subject to the governors of the Conago also have channels of state television and radio. A journalists' desktops, box and microphone communicators and political analysts academic cubicle, they make print and electronic spaces. In Mexico, there is hardly anyone to express their views freely, because we live in a constant-Mexico-are-aware, with the exception of the excluded, marginalized, impoverished and screwed, and when a Community Radio analyzes and denounces innermost part of a problem, they criticize the program or they take away the grant or kill them but they do not shut up the voices. One would say that is the democracy of all citizens in our faces and our voices. While journalists were touched them more lead than silver drug traffickers, there are other journalists who conbeben with politicians and entrepreneurs they serve.

Achieving Financial Goals


We must try and identify a series of internal and external levers are fabulous points of support in achieving our financial goals .. We all know what a handle and how your simple mechanism, allowing us to multiply the force used to move an object simply by using the proper fulcrum. Similarly we should use wisely a series of levers that we can rely on to maximize our efforts. Is not it much easier to get one million euros if they have another million? It is obvious, because money is a lever, but not the only, nor all the levers are so obvious. There are two kinds of levers: internal and external. Internal levers: 1.

Our mind. The mind has the power to focus on what you want, to see possibilities where none exist, to imagine the success a lot before getting them. Ultimately it is our mind that makes us rich or poor. 2. Relationships.

Your personal and professional relationships can be the key that gives you access to knowledge and opportunities that would otherwise cost you months or years. If you are part of a team of 10 people and each knows 100 people, you have access to the 1,000 people to get information or assistance. 3. The system. Successful people have succeeded in some concrete way, and there are many ways. Read biographies of entrepreneurs who have managed to get rich. Inspired them. 4.



You are very risk losing not only to exchange money, but also passwords for your purse. 4. Remote work of sorting pictures. You offer to work remotely, promise to send by mail a few discs with pictures of various subjects, your task is to sort these pictures by topic (for example: 'Sports', 'people', 'Animals', 'nature' etc), but the very essence of fraud is that you must first pay the postage for sending disks, and only after that they will be sent. Usually after the payment, disk latency becomes an eternity. This is the most commonly used fraud schemes on the Internet.

How not to fall for bait criminal? Next, I'll give some tips to help you avoid this. The first thing need to pay attention, this domain name, any self-respecting company, organization or entrepreneur has a second-level domain, eg: 'www.' or my site. Scammers typically use domains third level for example: '' or '' they do it because the third level domain can be obtained free of charge, but for the second-level domain will have to pay. Also, all the information about the owner of the site can be obtained by both called whois link to this service All info can be obtained by pressing a single button. Also, note how long the work site, it can be seen in the whois, as a rule, the fraudsters do not work more than 2 months, they tear down the money and disappear. If the site accepts money or any goods, the owner of this site should have a personal certificate of the payment system – a personal certificate WebMoney or RBKmoney. Procedure data acquisition certificates is quite complicated, you need a packet of documents certified by a notary, you must pay denyushku.

Rascal, the contact will not be, the more that all personal data (including passport) sent for review to this payment system. All self-respecting sellers put a link to check their passports, that is, they say: 'We are completely open in front of customers, all our data you can check out, we do not You're going to fool 'In addition, the site should be contact details of owners – e-mail, phone, icq. That is, it should be possible to contact the site owner to ask a question. By the way, a good way to test owner of the site – is to write him a letter with any questions if you get a response within 2-5 days, then most likely is a decent people, but if you do not get an answer – run away from this site. This is the most simple and affordable ways to check the site authors for their honesty. Be careful, as they say 'Booked – is forearmed! "

Social Affairs Czech Republic


Only those for February 2010 was more than two thousand people. At the moment, still a very large number of foreign workers are in such a situation, and it will take quite long period, to the Czech foreign police coped with that amount of "entrepreneurs". Many foreigners have not yet lost hope of obtaining two-year visa through the company, their expectations are very vague. In connection with this deteriorating situation and foreign entrepreneurs who actually operate in the Czech Republic and pay taxes. With the extension of visas to them raise questions which previously had no place to be. Obtained a situation in which may be affected and normal entrepreneurs wishing to normal life and stay in the Czech Republic. Understand the reasons for such action of labor and social Ministries of the Czech Republic can only be given the amount of resident foreigners in the country. The fact that in recent years, the Czech Republic is one of the leading places on the number of immigrants and an increase in the number of foreigners successfully obtaining a residence permit.

The largest diaspora of foreigners in the Czech Republic is Ukrainian, as is well known Ukrainian and occupy the main niche of the working class of aliens residing in the Czech Republic. It turns out that the current , the main negative effect of a new order is paramount aim of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and minor is not Russian citizens in Vietnam. Mopping up among the workers of foreign conducted on time and most importantly have a good excuse – to save jobs, especially for citizens of the Czech Republic. As always, the bureaucrats have forgotten one moment that there is a level of vacancies for which the Czechs for any monies will not work. This low-paid, hard work, is impermanent, the required labor market Czech Republic.

Expect that the vacancies in the Czech Republic vedut citizens of neighboring eu countries, too, there is no hope. Order Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Czech Republic on termination of work permits of a temporary nature, to the official introduction of the law may come after the adoption of the Czech Parliament. We note that it is often temporary become permanent. Constant, unfortunately, remain low by paying taxes foreigners owning companies in the Czech Republic. Approximately only eighteen thousand out of sixty thousand foreigners pay taxes and are activities in the Czech Republic. Few people would have liked it, so that foreign nationals currently have to enjoy the fruits of their hands. In addressing the need to work both sides of the coin. Czech authorities to take concrete implementation of the law, and foreigners to carry them out and be full members of society.

Site Indexing


How to speed up indexing a site – this question is often found in forums of webmasters. Of indexation depends very much: the position in search engines, the number of visitors from them, the popularity of the resource, and, ultimately, profit from the site. I gathered the ways that I have tried with site promotion and that really work to improve and accelerate site indexing by search engines. Focus on all methods can be divided into two categories – internal optimization and work with external factors. On the financial cost – free and paid methods. How to speed up indexing a site – Free Ways 1. Create a site map for Google (sitemap) format xml.

For create html and xml mapping for the site, use an online generator HML-Sitemap, which handles up to 500 free pages. After generating the save sitemap at the root of your site in the format of xml. To feed the xml-map search engine Google, need to register an account in the Service Google web master, and then on the Sitemap to add a link to your xml-map type vash_sayt / sitemap.xml. After registering in this service, you can configure the Russian language interface. According to my observations, after adding sitemap in Google This search engine robot begins to look more on your site and index it better. In addition, the Google service for webmasters and offers many useful options. 2. Create html site map in one click away from the main page, where includes links to all pages of your site.

Company’s Financial Condition


To assess the effects of the influence of the totality of factors and serves as a comprehensive assessment financial condition of the company. " That is, in principle, an outline of the transition in the first part of the introduction of global, to more specific topics. The second part of the standard usually begins with the phrase: "The purpose of writing the final qualifying work is a comprehensive evaluation of the financial condition of the company. In particular, we shall investigate the causes of the current situation of the company and the implications of continuing current trends. " At the end of necessarily need to insert the following phrase: "I am confident that implementation of this work will improve my knowledge in the study area and would be useful in further work." First Chapter qualifying work is a theoretical part.

It usually contains a theoretical material on the issue under study, or review of the literature. Presentation of theoretical material is reduced to the transfer of information from textbooks. However, keep in mind the material to be edited. In the academic literature too many arguments, repetitions, and various examples. Often books of different authors like two drops of water content similar to each other. Leave only the most necessary: the definition, description of functions, different divisions. Definitions and descriptions should be as brief as possible, convey the essence of the phenomenon. All add ruthlessly removed. Never Do not use in the examples cited in the academic literature. They do not apply to your work.

Cash in Our Lives


Cash takes care of our life. To lead a dignified life in society need dibs. The silver cover all our basic deposition. There are many ways to earn decent cash in this world. Not all can recognize the multitude of jobs in the public or private sector.

There are many jobs in radio where you can get a tidy sum of cash. Some people already working in the itinerary, and use it as a second income. They do only part time and can make anyone. People with disabilities use this work as a source of income for full time. This second source of income is good because it gives us a good amount of delivered dibs to survive in case you run out of work.

Private sector companies offering jobs on the road that are open to all people. They pay a fixed amount per month. People can nominate a job that suits their ability and time fixed. Work on feature is available to everyone 24 hours and all year. The work carried out in line, give a great flexibility, since you can do from anywhere and whenever you want. We all want to win cash and some people find the time to have a second income working in tangent. Do not waste anymore time if you want to be freed financially need to put to work, start researching the best deals in a row that fit your lifestyle, no matter what you choose, what matters is that positively persevere, 're patient and willing to change enough time to study the necessary skills.

Employment Contract


Currently, in addition to the standard contract of employment for a fixed term, the foreign owner can offer the seafarer and the other type of contract. There is such a thing as a permanent (permanent contract), ie permanent contract. This is when the owner enters into a contract with a sailor for a long time, but not for 4-6 months, as in the standard version. Plus, such a contract – a sailor guaranteed a job for at least a year, with the prospect of prolongation. Stability and financial side is more attractive – the salary is equal installments throughout the year, whether on board or a sailor on leave.

Minus – for the year may change the situation and salary at the beginning of the year to become not relevant to the end or the work turned up a more promising and financially attractive. And no getting around it – the obligations under the contract must be kept. The benefit to the shipowner is obvious – he needs a good specialist for a long time. A modern sailor is another great opportunity employment – is working directly with the shipowner, passing all sorts of crewing agencies and offices. Through a network can be find a huge number of Web sites of shipping companies around the world. Many shipowners on their Web sites publish vacancies for seafarers.

Price of the issue – the applicant to make sensible pre-CV or cv (cirriculum vitae) and send it directly to the email address of the shipping company. Naturally, the applicant must be with the experience and a good level of spoken English and be confident expert in your field. and the answer is not long to wait. Now, many seafarers are working on this principle, well, or try to start working. Pros – its independence from the whims of crewing, salaries are higher and can negotiate directly with Owners, as well as contractual terms. Cons – a little red tape with the design of exit documents. But all solved. There will always be crewing, which for a small financial gratitude draws the crew list and warranty letter for exit.

Income Growth


If you want your income to grow it is time to educate you. So advise to increase your financial IQ. This is a term I heard recently in the book: "We want to be rich" by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. The idea of preparing for best results it is far fetched, it is as successful as we have to drink water to live. It is a key point not to die in our attempt to generate wealth. It is unacceptable to want to see positive changes, but not doing anything about it is crazy to think that the situation will change as if by magic, I tell you once and for all, things do not work that way.

At this moment I have in mind a definition of Albert Einstein on Insanity: "It's doing the same thing and expecting different results" What do you think? Do you stay the vest? Well if I'm put it on. One thing I assure you, will not get very far with this mentality so limited. They say: "Whoever wants to sky blue, that would cost." There is no turning back, or you or you become stagnant capacitas in your ignorance. Forget the fear failure that leaves you no good. Thomas Alva Edison said: "People are not remembered by the number of times you fail, but by the number of times they are successful." How about you want to be remembered? Let me question you: Want to change your financial situation? Are you already doing something to bring about that change? Are you training? Are you making mistakes? Are you learning from others who have been successful? What are you reading? (If you're doing You put into practice the advice I gave earlier? It's time to increase your financial IQ, it's time to educate you. Greetings, wishing you the greatest success Luis Villegas.