World War

(Bloch, 2002, p.60). We understand with such ticket of the workmanship of Bloch that the Historical method then consisteem to look the agreement concerning one constant I dialogue between last and present, where who seutiliza of such method has as objective main of analysis the historical processes in suasformaes and processes of gnese, development and desestruturao, not losing of sight seusprocessos of decays and instabilidades, searching to analyze with this the ruptures, transformations epermanncias, fights and disputes throughout the processes, beyond understanding the functionality deinstituies, traditions, economic, social systems, politicians, cultural and daily. The composed text sera of the following parts: One soon biography of Keynes; ContextoHistrico and the 1929 crisis; The ideas of Keynes: consequncias and contributions for overcoming dacrise; final finally, consideraes. One soon biography of KeynesJonh Maynard Keynes was born in Cambridge, the United States, June of 1883. Filhode a family of intellectuals. Had its intelligence was accepted in the Eton Colegge, being distinguished in the field dasmatemticas.

Later passing to the college of the university of Cambridge, obtaining they diplomaem 1905. It suffered you influence of Marshal, increasing with this its interest for the economy politics, from there being disciple of the one of the Classic School main Econmica.Sua workmanship the General Theory of the Job, of the Interest and of the Currency it was published in 1936, breaching with this workmanship its status of classic economist, being this the focus of our analysis, emque this basic workmanship sera to the process of overcoming of the crisis due the contained ideas namesma. Keynes died in 20 of April of 1946, leaving as legacy the posterity, its workmanship and suafigura as great influenciadoras of the economic policy since World War II until current osdias. Historical context the crisis of I finish 1929.Com it of the World War I (1914-1918), U.S.A. was changedded of maior3devedor to the position of world-wide deserving greater, producing one tero of world-wide the industrial production, almost eem 1929 with half of such production.