Coca Cola Company

An example of regionalization, in Peru, there is a drink called Inca Cola is the drink most sold in all of Peru, is yellow and has a great taste, is direct competition from Coca Cola, and although you may not believe much more than selling Coca Cola this monster of oligopolies, was so strong positioning Inca Cola in Peru, Coca Cola Company had to buy because he lost a big market in Peru. Angela Zepeda brings even more insight to the discussion. This sample does not demonstrate that regional products and nationalist beliefs can stop at some point not at all please do not misunderstand globalization. But if that can stop this phenomenon which is causing so much damage worldwide, there are many more examples of these cases, see in the Middle East, Japan, where many American companies have not able to penetrate as they are trying to achieve. Globalization is a phenomenon that is parallel to capitalism we live in today, capitalism has shown us that has suffered three major crises, the 1890s, the crisis of 1929 and finally the oil crisis that has not been overcome yet. But what if the fall capitalism, globalization would cease to exist? I am completely convinced that there would still exist to a lesser extent perhaps because as I tried to explain in the article everything is connected and the global economy and capitalism seriously affect globalization especially in large corporations, exchanges of shares world’s major cities and financial transactions. Another strategy that could slow globalization quite famous Tobin tax is the name of the economist receives Nobel Prize for economics, it proposes to apply a 0.1% tax on financial transactions that occur throughout the world and It is focused on developing countries, although not implement security interest of global agencies no longer a major contribution to the global economy. I then tried to explain clearly the strategies that can be done to stop globalization does not make it disappear because it is impossible but if they cause less damage.

I also apologize to readers because in my article entitled “Globalization,” the final stage of capitalism? several years ago where I wrote and explained subliminally that globalization was the final stage of capitalism in which we live, and left open the reader that you think my point, today after several research papers published worldwide and insert in this issue I come to these conclusions. So I apologize to readers not wanting to cause confusion between this article and the actual writing. Globalization is not something that depends on us but if you take the proper awareness and be fully informed about what is happening worldwide.